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Right unit of WF-SP900 does not produce sound

    If the left and right units of the WF-SP900 headset are separated by 25 cm or more, connection is lost, and if they are brought close together again, they are automatically reconnected.

    If sound is only produced from the left unit, the headset does not connect properly, or sound skips, try returning the left and right units of the headset to the charging case, charging them for a few tens of seconds, and then removing them and connecting them again. If the issue is not resolved, try the following. Because each of these steps represents a possible solution to this issue, check the device status after completing each step.

    • Charge the left and right units of the headset.
    • Increase the headset's volume.
      NOTE: When using via a Bluetooth connection, increase the volume of the connected device.
    • Check that the connected device is playing properly.
    • Bring the left and right units of the headset together.
      NOTE: If the left and right units of the headset are separated from each other, the right unit might not produce sound.
    • Restart the charging case. 
      Press the RESTART button on the charging case with a pen, paper clip, etc.

      [1]: RESTART button
    • Restart the headset.
      Press and hold the (1, 2) button on the left and right units of the headset until the green indicator flashes twice (approx. 30 sec).

      [1]: Button on the left unit
      [2]: Button on the right unit

      Unpair the headset's device information from your Bluetooth device and pair it again. 
      If sound is still not produced after trying all of the above, the headset may be malfunctioning. Service may be required.