Interchangeable-lens Cameras

Interchangeable-lens Cameras

Interchangeable-lens Cameras
FX30 compact Cinema Line gateway camera
FX30 compact Cinema Line gateway camera



A creative partner you can rely on

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A creative partner you can rely on

Ready to go wherever you shoot

Compact and light in weight, the FX30 can be operated in combination with gimbals and drones, or with a variety of attached equipment. It's designed to withstand long shoots, with sturdy construction suited to harsh conditions.

Compact, lightweight body

Designed for mobility and comfortable operation

Weighing in at 646 g with battery and memory card (951 g with the XLR handle unit), the FX30 features a distinctive flat-top design that's suitable for either handheld shooting or gimbal mounting. The camera grip has been designed to provide optimum flexibility, stability, and comfort for extended handheld shooting sessions.
Photographer shooting in grassy area with handle and monitor

Three thread holes in the XLR handle unit for accessories

External monitors, recorders, batteries, video lights, extension grips, wireless microphone receivers, or other add-ons can be stably and securely attached to the FX30's XLR handle unit.
Photographer shooting in forest

Reliable operation for long shoots at 4K

With its highly efficient cooling system and stable power supply (from a high-capacity Z battery or via USB PD), the FX30 is designed to keep working reliably over extended shoots.
Magnesium alloy body image

The main body and covers of the FX30 are constructed from a lightweight magnesium alloy to enhance durability and performance even in challenging environments.

Streamlined operational control

New main menu

Quick access to frequently used features

While shooting, you can access frame rate0, shutter speed, and other essential shooting parameters via a list-style main menu. Display of the main menu can be assigned to a custom button so that parameters can be quickly checked and edited as needed prior to shooting. Separate main menus optimised for movies and stills are provided.
Camera with SD cards and CFexpress cards

Two CFexpress Type A and SD card compatible media slots

CFexpress Type A is the next standard for compact storage, with fast write/read speeds suitable for 4K movie recording at high bit rates. Dual slots enable either relay or simultaneous recording.
Learn more about CFexpess Type A
Camera operator holding monitor

Flexible high-resolution touch-panel LCD monitor

A side-opening vari-angle rear monitor allows broad positioning and framing freedom. It's bright enough for easy outdoor daytime viewing, and it incorporates a swipe-to-access function menu.
Photographer holding camera with microphone and monitor

Broad connectivity in a compact body

An HDMI Type-A connector can be used for external recorders and display devices. Other connectors include USB Type-C®, Multi/Micro-USB, mic, headphone, and a Multi Interface Shoe with built-in digital audio interface.
Camera with monitor showing RAW output menu

16-bit RAW output via HDMI

For demanding workflows, 16-bit RAW output is available over HDMI connection to compatible external recorders. RAW video output is 4672 x 2628 [16:9] resolution, exceeding DCI-4K resolution.
Camera right side image
Solid grip design
Designed for solid support and a comfortable hold even over long movie shoots.
Memorable imagery from the Exmor R sensor
Outstanding resolution provided by back-illuminated Exmor R APS-C CMOS sensor and Super 35 format.
Magnesium alloy body image
Durable magnesium alloy chassis
Lightweight magnesium alloy enhances durability and performance.
Camera left side image
16-bit RAW output via HDMI

RAW output[*1] is available to compatible external recorders[*2].

*1 With a choice of 59.94p / 50p / 29.97p / 25p / 23.98p frame rates and colour spaces.
*2 As of September 2022, support by ATOMOS NINJA V, NINJA V+ and SHOGUN CONNECT devices is planned. Note: the ATOMOS frame rate is limited up to 30 fps when NINJA V is used. For further details, please contact ATOMOS support.

Flexible touch-panel LCD monitor
A side-opening vari-angle rear monitor allows positioning and framing freedom.
Camera with SD cards and CFexpress cards
Two CFexpress Type A compatible media slots
CFexpress Type A delivers fast write/read speeds for high bitrate 4K recording.
Product images of Left side and Right side