The evolution continues!
    Introducing Xperia with Android™ 11

    Every year we get excited about the evolution of the Android software and this time, it’s no different.

    Android 10 was already incredible software, but now Android 11 takes it up a notch!

    The built-in screen recorder is one of the highlight features. Dark theme can now be scheduled. Security is beefed up as you’d expect and important chat notifications can be given priority so they are easier to notice.

    Game enhancer, the exclusive app for Xperia devices, gets an upgrade with Android 11 as well.

    Here, we introduce some of the top new Android 11 features and a new gaming experience from Game enhancer for your Xperia device!

    Game on!

    In 2019, we introduced the Game enhancer app to max out your gaming experience. Now we’re rolling out an update together with Android 11.

    With this update, Game enhancer will now put all your game icons together in the Game enhancer app screen. Just all in one spot. So you can easily manage your games, without the hassle of creating a folder for your games. All you have to do is tap the Game enhancer icon on the Home screen and all your games will be right there waiting for you.

    No more wasting time looking for your favourite game, just start playing!

    Scheduled Dark theme

    The introduction of Dark theme in Android 10 was a very welcomed one. However, you had to manually turn it on or off to switch between the background colours. Now with Android 11, you can easily schedule when Dark theme turns on (or off). Just set a schedule that suits your lifestyle under Display in the Settings app.

    You can also set it so that Dark theme turns on automatically between sunset and sunrise. You don’t even have to set your location. If you allow your device to access your location information, it’ll automatically adjust the schedule for you!

    Record your screen with ease

    The long-awaited screen recorder is finally here! This will come pre-installed with Android 11. To record your device’s screen, just open the quick settings menu and tap the screen recorder icon.

    You can also record your own voice at the same time using the mic on your Xperia device. For instance, you can use this to quickly create instructional videos with voice-overs that you can share on your favourite social media.

    Protect your privacy with permissions

    In these digital times, everything is so convenient but at the same time so much more complicated. Your private data may be exposed to risks that you didn’t even know existed. That’s why Android is constantly improving its security features to protect your privacy, and with Android 11, you can now choose to give one-time permissions to apps that request access to your mic, camera, or location information.

    There’s also a new feature called permissions auto-reset. If you haven’t used an app in a while, you may not want it to keep accessing your data. So, Android will reset permissions for your unused apps, and you can turn permissions back on whenever you need to.

    Tidy up your notifications

    Have you ever missed an important message from a loved one on social media or a chat app? Not noticing it buried under a ton of notifications? Well, Android 11 now has a dedicated Conversations section in the notification shade that’ll make it easier to find notifications from your messaging apps.

    Android will recognise messages from different messaging apps and put them all under Conversations in the notification shade. You can also set the priority of important conversations on the spot just by long pressing the notification for that conversation.

    This will be a welcome upgrade because we all receive quite a lot of notifications from all sorts of apps, which just makes it all too easy to miss the really important ones.

    Sharing made simple

    Let’s say you’re hanging out with your friend and want to share a cool photo that you’ve taken. The new Nearby Share feature is the way to go.

    Nearby Share enables you to share things like photos, movies, documents, or web links with other Android devices near you.

    To send content, select what you want to send and then select Nearby Share from the share icon of that app. To receive content, drag down the quick settings menu and tap the Nearby Share icon. When a notification appears on your screen, just tap Accept.

    No need to open a separate app. It’s just a really simple way to share things with the people around you.

    Please note that this article is not product specific. Features and functionalities described may therefore differ depending on your device and/or software version.

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