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Announcement to users of Memory Stick PRO Duo “MSX-M1GST” and “MSX-M2GS"


    27 January 2006

    We regret to announce that we have found a symptom on some of our IC recording media that occasionally occurs during the initializing formatting process. The affected media are Memory Stick PRO Duo MSX-M1GST and MSX-M2GS.  Our investigation revealed that when any of these media is formatted, the capacity can temporarily decrease until it is reformatted. This happens rarely, however, in the event that you come across such a symptom, the countermeasure described below will solve it and achieve a normal performance of a medium.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

    Affected Memory Stick
    Memory Stick PRO Duo            MSX-M1GST (1GB)
                                                MSX-M2GS (2GB)

    When the affected medium is formatted (initialized), the size of its free space in capacity might momentarily look as if it has become smaller than the actual size.

    Note: Even if such a symptom occurs, it is still possible to use the media for taking photos or writing/reading/storing data. However, the actual free space will not be available to its full capacity.

    In the event that such a symptom as mentioned above happens, we would like you to reformat the medium so that it will restore its actual free space.

    Caution: Before the medium is formatted, any important data in the medium should be saved in another medium or a PC. All the data in the medium will be erased when reformatted.

    Normal Size of Free Space
    Confirmation of the actual size of free space
    If a normal medium has been normally formatted, its free space (of the user area) shall satisfy the condition listed below (If smaller, the symptom mentioned above might occur).

    MSX-M1GST:            940 MB or larger
    MSX-M2GS:             1850 MB or larger

    Confirmation by the number of recordable photos and recording time
    You can check whether the size of free space is normal or not by the number of recordable photos and recording time shown on the users’ manual of the product you are using. The table shown on the following URL can be also utilized to check the size of free space. After having formatted the medium, if the number of recordable photos or recording time turns out smaller than that written in the users’ manual or URL, the symptom mentioned above might be active.

    This URL links to a table which indicates the size of content recordable by each media.

    Other Notices
    Any Memory Stick shall be formatted (initialized) by a Memory Stick compliant product which you have. (How to format will depend on each compliant product. Please check the users’ manual.)

    When the medium is formatted by a PC, the OS-embedded formatter should not be used. If used, the medium may not work with your Memory Stick compliant product or any others.

    If the counter-measures introduced above do not solve the symptom, or if you have any other inquiries, feel free to contact our local service centre.
    Please refer to the Support Network section in this website for the relevant contact numbers.

    PIM statement
    Personal information, such as your name and mailing address, provided to the contact above will be kept and used only for the above purpose. The information may be disclosed to the third party subcontractors that operate such service on behalf of Sony, but will be strictly controlled and will not be used for any other purposes.