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What to do when I cannot import images even after I set up Wi-Fi Import Settings on PlayMemories Home?

    I set up the Wi-Fi Import settings on PlayMemories Home™ but I cannot import images.

    Applicable for the following products:
    - PlayMemories Home™ Ver.2.*.**

    Depending on the firewall settings on your computer, images may not be imported if the "Select how to set up Wi-Fi Import" is set to Recommended.

    Follow the instructions to change the settings.

    1. Connect the camera to the computer with the USB cable.
    2. Start PlayMemories Home and select your camera under Cameras and media.
    3. Select Camera on the top-right area of the window. Select Wi-Fi Import Settings on the menu displayed below Camera.
    4. PlayMemories Home Wi-Fi Import Settings window will be displayed. Select Custom and then Next.
    5. Camera settings window will be displayed. Select Set and then Next.
    6. Change the settings on Windows Firewall settings. If there is no check mark on Public networks check box, check it.
      If you are using Windows(R) XP, check Open port check box.
    7. When Settings completed window is displayed, select Finish.

    Note: The camera may not be recognized depending on the security software installed in your computer. In this case, change the UDP port: 1900, TCP port: 2869 settings to allow the camera to communicate with your computer. Contact the Security Software Manufacturer for details.