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What is DSEE (Sound Enhance) function?

About DSEE (Sound Enhance) function

    DSEE, which stands for Digital Sound Enhancement Engine, is a technology developed by Sony, to enhance the sound quality of compressed audio files by restoring high-range sound removed by the compression process.
    • The DSEE (Sound Enhance) setting does not affect videos and FM programs.
    • The DSEE (Sound Enhance) function is not effective for songs with a file format that is not compressed, or songs that are of high bit rate with no treble loss.
    • In the case of songs of very low bit rate, the DSEE (Sound Enhance) function will not be effective.

    By activating the DSEE (Sound Enhance) feature, you can hear a rich and natural sound which is almost exactly like the original source.
    Please follow the steps below to activate the DSEE function:

    1. Press and hold BACK/HOME button until the Home menu appears.
    2. Press the  button to select  and then press the  button to confirm.
    3. Press the  button to select Music Settings and then press the  button to confirm.
      The list of Music Settings appears.
    4. Press the  button to select DSEE (Sound Enhance), and then press the  to confirm.
    5. Press the  button to select the desired setting, and then press the  button to confirm.
      On - The DSEE (Sound Enhance) function is activated, and plays back naturally extended sound that is close to the original sound.
      Off (Default setting) - Plays back normal sound