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How to enable Audio Filter for specific programs listed in the Program not affected option?

    Enabling Audio Filter for specific programs listed in the Program not affected option.

    SonicStage Mastering Studio Audio Filter is applied by default to music played back with any programs installed on the computer. To enable this function on specific programs, it has to be removed in the Programs not affected option of SonicStage Mastering Studio with the steps below:

    1.  Click Start and select All Programs.
    2.  Select SonicStage Mastering Studio and click Audio Filter.
    3.  Click Options  and click Programs not affected.
    4.  Select the specific program and click Remove.
    5.  Click Yes to remove the selected program and click OK to close the dialog box.

    Audio Filter is disabled while SonicStage Mastering Studio is running. While SonicStage Mastering Studio is running, the Audio Filter icon in the notification area will appear as .
    -  When multiple programs are playing at the same time, effects are applied only to the programs that started playing first.

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