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How to create a CD-ROM startup disk?

    A. How to create a CD-ROM startup disk?
    B. How to enable the system to recognize the CD-ROM drive so as to use the Recovery CD?

    Follow the steps below to create a CD-ROM startup disk:
    1. Create a folder.
    2. Copy the driver files of the CD-ROM drive and PC card to the folder.
    3. Insert the PC card startup disk created in step 1 into the floppy disk drive.
    4. Copy the driver files copied to the hard disk drive in step 2 to the A:\CDROM folder.
    5. Open A:\CONFIG.SYS with Notepad and add the following to the end of the description.
    DEVICE=\CDROM\ (Driver file name of PC card drive)
    DEVICE=\CDROM\ (Driver file name of CD-ROM drive) /D:CDROM001
    6. Right-click A:AUTOEXEC.BAT and select Edit from the context menu. Add the MSCDEX.EXE line to the end of the description. The drive letter of the CD-ROM must be Q:.
    For example: C:\DOS\MSCDEX.EXE /D:CDROM001 /L:Q

    Note: This may vary depending on the product. IRQ may have some restrictions. For more information, please contact the manufacturer of the CD-ROM drive.

    For information on how to install the driver and necessary files, please refer to the CD-ROM drive or PC card instruction manual. User may also refer to Readme.txt of the floppy disk supplied with the CD-ROM drive, if any.