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How to set the Power Saving Function of the VAIO computer?

    Setting the Power Saving Function of the VAIO computer.

    Please refer to the following steps to set the Power Saving Function:

    1. Click Start and click Control Panel.
    2. Click Performance and Maintenance and click Power Options.
    3. Click Power Schemes and select a desired profile.
    4. Click VAIO Power Management and adjust the detailed items in the currently selected power scheme for Plugged in and Running on batteries separately.
    5. Click OK to close the Power Option dialog box.

    - VAIO Power Management Viewer allows user to visually check the setting of the current power management, as well as the difference between AC operation and Battery operation.

    * For more information on how to configure the Power Saving Function, please click Help on the VAIO Power Management tab in the Power Options Properties dialog box.