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How to remove / detach the Table-Top Stand from the TV


    • The table-top stand must be removed before mounting your TV on the wall.
    • There is a risk of personal injury. If the precautions listed in the wall-mount bracket installation instructions are not observed, serious injury or death through fire, electric shock, the product toppling over or the product dropping can result.
    • Sony recommends hiring a licensed contractor to install the wall-mount bracket. However, when attempting to install the wall-mount bracket yourself, refer to the wall-mount bracket instructions supplied with your TV for detailed information.

    You can refer to this video tutorial for how to remove the table-top stand for your Sony BRAVIA TV, or refer to the steps below.

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    Select your model/series and follow the instructions to remove/detach the table-top stand.

    • The procedure differs depending on the TV model/series. You may refer to “How to find your model name” to find out your TV model/series.
    • For TV models that are not listed below, refer to the Startup Guide/Operating Instructions and follow the steps on attaching the TV stand in reverse order to detach the stand.  Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    For W880K, W870K, W830K, W830L, W820K series 

     For X64L, X74K, X74L, X75K, X75L series 

    For A80K, A80L, X80J, X80K, X80L,X85J, X85K, X85L, X90J, X90K, X90L series 

    For A90J, A90K, A95K, A95L, X95J, X95K, X95L, Z9J, Z9K series

    For X90H, X95H series 

    For X8500F series 

    For X7500F series 

    For KD-xxA1 series 

    For X7000E series 

    For X8500D series 

    For W800C/X8000C series 

    For KLV-xxR562C, KLV-xxR552C, KLV-xxR512C, KLV-xxR502C, KLV-xxR412C series 

    For KDL-xxR550A, KDL-xxR520A series 

    For KDL-xxEX720, KDL-xxEX520, KDL-xxCX520, KDL-xxEX420 series 

    For KDL-xxEX710, KDL-xxEX700 series 

    For KDL-xxHX750, KDL-xxEX650, KDL-xxEX550 series