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Frequently Asked Question about TV Companion

    What is TV Companion?

    What are the features of TV Companion?

    Which country is TV Companion supported?

    Which TV model can support TV Companion?

    What mobile devices can support TV Companion?

    Which services works with TV Companion?

    Can TV Companion work in other app than messenger? 

    What is the pre-condition to use TV Companion?

    Can TV Companion control multiple TV simultaneously?

    Does TV Companion support TV ON from standby?

    Is there any difference using TV Companion on Android or iOS?

    Can TV Companion work if Mobile and TV are on different network?

    What is the order of contents in Play list? 

    How do I change my TV Companion UI language (inside Facebook Messenger) to Vietnamese?

    How to delete any Facebook account from the TV (to remove it from controlling TV)? 

    How to reset TV Companion App?

    What is the recovery method, in case my TV Companion stops working due to some technical issue? Example, able to search content on TV Companion, but doesn’t play on YouTube or FPT Play app on TV. 

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