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Notes on using the Noise Isolation Earbud Tips (WF-1000XM4, EP-NI1000)

    Using the Noise Isolation Earbud Tips incorrectly can cause quick deterioration or damage of the product. Refer to the following before using the Noise Isolation Earbud Tips:


    1. If the earbuds are cracked, peeled, or deteriorated, refrain from using them and purchase new ones. If the earbuds are not in good condition they may not provide full sound quality or noise canceling performance. Furthermore, wearing cracked, peeled, or deteriorated earbuds may result in earbud fragments remaining in your ear, which could cause injury or illness.
    2. We recommend to perform regular maintenance on the WF-1000XM4 and learn about the proper way of handling the Earbuds, EP-NI1000 by referring to this FAQ: How to care for the Headphones (WF-1000XM4)

    When the earbud tips damaged

    When the earbud tips are damaged, contact Sony for further consultation or to purchase the EP-NI1000S, EP-NI1000M, or EP-NI1000L (sold separately).

    WARNING! Do not use solvents such as thinner, benzene, or alcohol when cleaning the earbuds.


    • The EP-NI1000S, EP-NI1000M, or EP-NI1000L replacement earbud tips may not be sold or supported in all countries or regions
    • The foam materials may become firm at a low temperature. Warm the earbud tips a little with your hands before use
    • When the environmental temperature or usage temperature is high, the polyurethane foam may take time to return to its original shape
    • If you feel that the bass sound has become insufficient (or that the sound quality has deteriorated), exchange the earbud tips with new ones
    • You may hear cracking or popping noises when wearing the headphones. These noises happen because, when wearing or adjusting the position of the headphones, air bubbles inside the earbuds get crushed and restored in response to movements that change the shape of the earbuds. This is normal, and not a malfunction.
    • As the earbud tips fit more snugly in your ears, you may feel a strain to your ears. If you experience discomfort, discontinue use
    • Do not pull on the polyurethane foam portion of the earbud tip. If it is separated from the earbud tip, it will not function
    • Do not subject the polyurethane foam portion of the earbud tip to pressure for over long periods of time. It may cause deformation and it may be difficult to return the earbud tip to the original shape
    • When the earbud tips get soaked, drain the liquid well, and make sure that the earbud tips are dried before use or storage
    • The varying sizes of the holes on the polyurethane foam portion of the earbud tip have no effect on the sound quality