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The wireless headset cannot be charged.

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Please check the following if your wireless headset doesn't charge.

  • Check that the headset indicator turns on when the headset is inserted into the charging case.
    The headset cannot be charged if the headset isn’t correctly inserted into the charging case.
    Check that the indicator (red) turns on after the headset is inserted.
  • Charge the charging case with the supplied USB Type-C cable.
    The remaining charge of the rechargeable battery of the charging case may be low.
  • In the following conditions, the rechargeable battery level of the charging case may be low, and the headset cannot be charged.​​​
    • When the headset’s indicator (red) lights up then turns off immediately, and the headset power turns off when the headset is set in the charging case.
    • The headset's light indicator doesn't light up and the headset won't turn off even if you insert them in the charging case.
  • Wipe the terminal of the headset and charging case with a dry soft cloth (such as those for commercial glasses).
    The headphones may not charge if the charging terminals are dirty.
    Try cleaning the headset regularly.
  • Charge in an environment at 5°C - 35°C (41°F - 95°F).
    The headset may not charge if the temperature is low or high.
    It is recommended that charging be performed in an ambient temperature range of 15°C to 35°C (59°F - 95°F).