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Music is not played even after pressing the Push & Play button on my Glass Speaker

The unit makes an error noise when the Push & Play button is pressed.

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Playback my not be possible due to your network status, or due to the Spotify settings and response conditions.
Check the following.

  • An error noise is produced in the following cases, and playback is not possible.
    • The Spotify Connect function has never been used.
    • The speaker is not connected to Wi-Fi.
    • The speaker is connected with the Speaker Add function.
  • Perform the following operations, and then check whether playback occurs.
    • Turn off the speaker, turn it on again, and then press the (Push & Play) button.
    • Press the BLUETOOTH/ PAIRING button on the bottom of the speaker. Check whether the (Push & Play) indicator is off, and then press the (Push & Play) button again.
  • Check the status of Spotify Connect using the Spotify app. If it is not set to playback on this unit, open Connectable Devices and select this unit again.
  • Make sure that the tracks/artists/albums/etc. set to Favorite music with Push & Play are not set to Don’t play in the Spotify app. Cancel the Don’t play setting or register new tracks to Favorite music.