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Can the wireless speaker be charged using the USB AC adaptor for an iPhone/iPad?

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This unit can be charged using the USB AC adaptor supplied with your iPhone/iPad. Depending on the AC adaptor's specifications (a commercial USB AC adaptor with a potential output of 500 mA), the time required for charging may be extended (10 or more hours*).
*The time it takes for the battery to fully charge while the unit is turned off, and when the battery is completely depleted.


  • If you use the unit while it is being charged, the time for charging to complete may be extended. We recommend turning off the unit before charging.
  • We recommend charging the unit using a USB AC adaptor (AC-UD20) with a potential current output of 1.5 A and the micro USB cable supplied with the unit, or one conforming to USB standards.
  • Do not use a "charge-only" micro USB cable with no data transmission functionality.