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YouTube app doesn't launch or freezes after using VTV Go (ClipTV, FPT Play) app

    You may experience the following symptoms when you use VTV Go (ClipTV, FPT Play) app. These symptoms do not represent a failure of the TV.

    1. TV may display an Error 400 message
    2. YouTube application may not launch
    3. Network connection cannot be established when watching YouTube

    To resolve these symptoms, we recommend you to:

    1. Please only launch YouTube app after you have exit VTV Go (ClipTV, FPT Play) app. Find out How do I close apps on my Android TV? on your TV.

    2. Downgrade the YouTube App to a lower version on your TV by the following steps:
      1. Launch Google Play store from the Home menu.
      2. Select Settings in the Google Play store
      3. Select Do not auto-update apps
      4. Press the Home button on your remote to go back to the Home menu
      5. Scroll down and select Settings
      6. Select Apps
      7. Scroll and find YouTube and select it.
      8. Select Uninstall updates to revert to a previous YouTube version.

        Note: Once the issue is resolved ,we will indicate here on when you can re-enable the auto application updates.