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When streaming Netflix Ultra HD, the image is not in 4K.

    This article is designed to resolve the following issues.

    • The Netflix Ultra HD app is not playing in 4K resolution.
    • The picture from a Netflix 4K stream is distorted.
    • Unable to get Netflix in 4K.

    IMPORTANT: As part of the normal operation of the Netflix app, the resolution of the video may start out at a lower resolution when the video is played. This includes playback after forwarding or rewinding the video. After a few moments of playback, the video quality will adapt upward based on the network speed.

    To stream Ultra High Definition 4K Netflix videos, you will need the following.

    • Make sure your TV meets the requirements needed to stream an Ultra High Definition 4K video.
      • A Sony TV compatible or a 4K Ultra HD media player with Ultra High Definition 4K streaming from Netflix.

        NOTE: To check whether your TV supports Ultra High Definition 4K videos, check the specification guide that came with the unit.

      • A steady Internet connection speed of 25 Mbps or higher.
      • A Netflix plan that supports streaming in Ultra High Definition.For plan details and information regarding how to change your plan, contact Netflix support.
      • Make sure your streaming quality is set to High or Auto.
    • Make sure you have selected an Ultra HD 4K video.


      • If your TV supports Netflix Ultra HD streaming, you will see this row in your Netflix experience.

        Ultra HD content

      • You can also use the Netflix Search feature to locate 4K content.
        1. Click the Search icon.

          4K search1

        2. Type in 4K in the search window.

          4K search2

        3. Select from the titles that will appear.

          4K search3

          NOTE: The icons that appear with the Netflix logo are sample content.

    • Other TV models have a Display button on the supplied remote control. To check the resolution of the Netflix video, press the Display button..

      Display Resolution

      NOTE: If the resolution is lower than 4K when the Display button is pressed, wait for a few moments for the Internet speed to slowly increase and begin playing at a higher resolution. This is part of the normal operation of the application.

      The image below is an example of this gradual increase in resolution

      Resolution increase

    • If the resolution is low, there may be bandwidth issues that are limiting the Netflix stream. Try the following to improve the quality of the Internet connection:

      • Connect the 4K TV or 4K Ultra HD media player to the Network using a wired connection.
      • If other devices are being used on the same Network, temporarily turn those devices off or disconnect them from the Internet connection to see if Netflix streaming improves.

        NOTE: If following the above steps does not resolve the issue, contact your Internet service provider (ISP) for further assistance in improving the Internet connection.