Article ID : 00114785 / Last Modified : 07/10/2019

Nothing appears on the monitor when you press the ON/OFF (Power) button and turn the camera ON.

    Check the monitor display settings.

    • Models with a LIVE VIEW/OVF switch
      Confirm that the switch is not set to OVF.
      If the switch is set to OVF, set it to LIVE VIEW.

    • Models with a FINDER/MONITOR (LCD) switching button
      Press the switching button and check if the display appears on the monitor.

      NOTE: If you turn the camera off with the display mode switched to Viewfinder, the camera will stay in this mode when you turn it back on.

    • Models other than the above
      While looking into the viewfinder, check the FINDER/MONITOR setting on the menu.

    If the issue is still unresolved, the product may need servicing.