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How to connect the NSZ-GS7 or NSZ-GU1 to a wireless home network

    Follow the steps below to connect the Sony Internet TV device (NSZ-GS7 or NSZ-GU1) to a wireless home network:

    1. Turn on the Sony Internet TV device.
    2. Using the remote control, access the Settings menu.
    3. Select Network.
    4. Press the Enter button.
    5. Select Wi-Fi.

      NOTE: A green check mark appears when the Wi-Fi setting is turned on and the Sony Internet TV device scans for available wireless networks.

    6. Press the down arrow button to select the name of your network.
    7. Press the Enter button.

      IMPORTANT: If your network is secured and has a lock icon, it will require a password. This is the password or security key that was created when your wireless network was first set up.

      1. Enter the password for your network
      2. Press the down arrow button to select Connect.
      3. Press the Enter button to connect with secured network.

      NOTE: If you have an open network that does not require a password, the Sony Internet TV device automatically connects to the network

    If you are trying to connect to a secured network, but forgot your password, refer to the following: