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Fan is making noise or not working.

    NOTE: Hard drive noise may be misinterpreted as fan noise. Evaluate the location of the noise.

    1. Remove media from the CD/DVD/BD drive.
    2. Press the Fn key and the F2 key to mute the sound and determine if the noise is speaker related.
    3. Check all the fan vents to see if the noise is louder from any of those locations.

      NOTE: The locations of the fan vents will vary depending on the model. For information specific to your particular model, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the computer.

    4. If the fan noise is coming from the vent, download and install any available BIOS update.

      NOTE: If the sound continues after installing the BIOS update, if there are loud scraping, grinding, whirring, chirping, clicking sounds or noises coming from the fan location or the fan has stopped working completely, service will be required.