Article ID : 00112626 / Last Modified : 20/10/2022Print

The shooting date is not recorded on the bottom right of the image.

    If the shooting date is not recorded on the bottom right of the image even though Write Date is set to On, the camera orientation (vertical / horizontal) may not be detected properly depending on how you hold the camera when shooting. In this case, the date may be recorded on an unintended location on the image. Follow these tips to ensure the date is recorded in the proper location.

    • If you move the camera right after shooting, the detection may not work properly.
    • It is recommended to keep the camera at the same position until the message Processing... disappears from the screen.
    • When you hold the camera upward or downward (with the lens surface parallel to the ground), the date will be recorded on the horizontal position.

    NOTE: Detection of the camera orientation is also reflected in the display of the recorded images. If the orientation of the image is not correct, one way to change the orientation would be using the Rotate function from the MENU manually while for some models, it can be done by using the Fn button during playback. Refer to the user manual of your product for the details.