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Memory Card File Rescue Software

Article ID:474911(modified 30 Nov 2015)

Applicable Models

MS-A16GU2, MS-A1GA, MS-A1GN, MS-A1GU2, MS-A1GW, MS-A256A, MS-A256W, MS-A2G, MS-A2GN, MS-A2GU2, MS-A2GW, MS-A4G, MS-A4GN, MS-A4GU2, MS-A512A, MS-A512W, MS-A8GN, MS-A8GU2, MS-EX1G, MS-EX2G, MS-EX4G, MS-HX16A, MS-HX16B, MS-HX16G, MS-HX32A, MS-HX32B, MS-HX32G, MS-HX4G, MS-HX8A, MS-HX8B, MS-HX8G, MS-M16, MS-M4, MS-M8, MS-MT16G, MS-MT1G, MS-MT2G, MS-MT32G, MS-MT4G, MS-MT8G, MSH-128S2, MSX-1GN, MSX-1GS, MSX-256N, MSX-256S, MSX-2GN, MSX-2GS, MSX-512N, MSX-512S, MSX-M1GN, MSX-M1GS, MSX-M1GST, MSX-M256N, MSX-M256S, MSX-M2GN, MSX-M2GS, MSX-M4GS, MSX-M512A, MSX-M512N, MSX-M512S, MSX-M8GS, QD-H16, QD-H32, SF-16N4, SF-16NX, SF-16U6, SF-16UX, SF-16UY, SF-16UY2, SF-2N1, SF-32N4, SF-32NX, SF-32P, SF-32U6, SF-32UX, SF-32UX2, SF-32UY, SF-32UY2, SF-32UZ, SF-4N4, SF-4U6, SF-64N4, SF-64P, SF-64UX, SF-64UX2, SF-64UY, SF-64UY2, SF-64UZ, SF-8N4, SF-8NX, SF-8U6, SF-8UX, SF-8UY, SF-8UY2, SF-G1UX2, SF-G1UY, SF-G1UY2, SF-G1UZ, SR-16A4, SR-16UX2A, SR-16UXA, SR-16UY, SR-16UY2A, SR-16UYA, SR-2A1, SR-2N1, SR-32A4, SR-32UX2A, SR-32UXA, SR-32UY, SR-32UY2A, SR-4A4, SR-4N4, SR-64UX2A, SR-64UXA, SR-64UY2A, SR-64UYA, SR-8A4, SR-8N4, SR-8UY, SR-8UY2A, SR-8UYA, SR-G1UY2A, USM16GL, USM16GLX, USM16GM, USM16GN, USM16GP, USM32GL, USM32GM, USM32GN, USM32GP, USM4GL, USM4GLX, USM4GM, USM4GN, USM4GP, USM64GP, USM8GL, USM8GLX, USM8GM, USM8GN, USM8GP

What does this download do?


Sony’s File Rescue Software helps safeguard your most precious photos and videos.

Memory Card File Rescue is leading-edge software that supports the latest file formats, helps recover data from your Sony memory media that may have been accidentally damaged or deleted.

Responding to emerging market trends, Sony’s File Rescue is leading-edge software that continues to advance the development of the software by supporting the latest file formats.

 The worlds’ s first supporting AVCHD movie (in Nov./2010)
The first to supports recovery of AVCHD(HD) movie taken by digital still camera, or video camera.

The worlds’ s first supporting 3D movie/photo, Full HD 60P video (in Nov./2011)

In addition to jpeg or AVCHD movie files, the new file rescue software (Version 3.1) supports recovery of following files shot by Sony products:

  • 3D photo (3D still image, 3D sweep panorama)
  • 3D movie (AVCHD 3D videos)
  • 1080/60p Full HD movie (PS mode)

With the support of AVCHD ver.2, this software also recovers AVCHD 3D movies or 1080/60p movies shot with AVCHD ver.2 compatible products from other brands.

Cutting-edge XQD memory card supports RAW image and MOV files (in Jul./2012)
Applies most advanced algorithm to realize higher rate of recovery of RAW image and MOV files, especially good for those taken with Sony/Nikon DSLRand stored on the XQD Memory card.

XAVC S movie (in Oct/2015)
Newly supporting recovery of XAVC S format, taken by Sony digital imaging devices, up to 4K.


This software is free to download for Sony memory card owners.

What type of Sony memory media can be used with this software?

This software can be used on all Sony branded Memory Stick™, Memory Cards, SD Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives* and XQD Memory cards except:

  • Non-Sony brand Memory Stick™ , SD Memory Card and USB Flash Drive
  • Sony brand Memory Stick™ Classic series (capacity up to 128MB)

    For owners of this series, File Rescue Software (version 3.0) is free to download.

  • Memory Stick™ for AIBO® robot.
  • Memory Stick ROM™ for electronic dictionaries or e-Book readers.
  • PSP® brand Memory Stick™, Memory Stick PRO Duo™ or Memory Stick Micro™.

*Supported models are USM-Q series, USM-LX(A) series, USM-L series, USM-N series, USM-M series, USM-P series, USM-R series and USM-S series.

What type of files can be recovered?

This software supports recovery of JPEG(DCF), MPEG-1, MP4(MPEG-4, MPEG-4 AVC, XAVC S), AVCHD(ver.2.0) file, AVCHD 3D file, 3D photo (MPO), RAW photo, MOV movie,, other types of file*


  • *Game data and content-protected music and movies are not supported.
  • *Supports recovery of files stored in Sony memory media products.
  • *Recovered files will be stored in PC.
  • If, after accidental file deletion or accidental formatting, files have been copied to or from the memory media or it has been used in a device, the likelihood of successful file recovery decreases.
  • When a Full Format (rather than a Quick Format) was performed on the memory media, files cannot be recovered.

Operation environment

Supported Operating System:
This software will operate on IBM PC/AT compatible computers running one of the following versions of Windows. Operation with other versions of Windows is not assured.

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP (Home Edition / Windows XP Professional)

Note: The operating system must have been factory installed as the standard operating system for the computer.

Other System Requirements:

  • Hard disk with minumum free space of 12 MB for installation of the software, 1 GB for recovery processing, plus sufficient space for recovered files.
  • Display: minimum resolution 800 x 600, high color (16 bit) or better.


  1. Please log on with the Administrator account when installing Memory Card File Rescue software.
  2. Even if all of the above requirements are met, correct operation is not guaranteed.
  3. Operation is not assured on custom-built computers, computers with user-installed operating systems, multi-boot environments and multi-monitor environments.
  4. Memory Card File Rescue software does not support Mac OS.
  5. When using Memory Card from other manufacturers, correct operation of this software is not assured.

Important Notes

To use this service, users will be forwarded to the Memory Card Support site, where you will need to enter your Memory Card Model Name and Serial Number (located on its reverse side) in order to download the software.

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