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BRAVIA USB Device Compatibility Charts

Article ID:393651(modified 19 Aug 2014)

Applicable Models

KDL-26EX550, KDL-26S5500, KDL-32EX400, KDL-32EX500, KDL-32EX550, KDL-32EX600, KDL-32EX650, KDL-32EX700, KDL-32HX750, KDL-32HX753, KDL-32HX75A, KDL-32S5500, KDL-32V5500, KDL-32W5500, KDL-37S5500, KDL-40EX400, KDL-40EX500, KDL-40EX600, KDL-40EX650, KDL-40EX700, KDL-40HX700, KDL-40HX750, KDL-40HX753, KDL-40HX75A, KDL-40HX800, KDL-40HX850, KDL-40HX853, KDL-40HX855, KDL-40NX700, KDL-40NX800, KDL-40V5500, KDL-40W5500, KDL-40WE5, KDL-40Z5500, KDL-46EX500, KDL-46EX600, KDL-46EX650, KDL-46EX700, KDL-46HX700, KDL-46HX750, KDL-46HX753, KDL-46HX75A, KDL-46HX800, KDL-46HX850, KDL-46HX853, KDL-46HX855, KDL-46NX700, KDL-46V5500, KDL-46W5500, KDL-46WE5, KDL-46Z5500, KDL-52LX900, KDL-52NX800, KDL-52V5500, KDL-52Z5500, KDL-55HX700, KDL-55HX750, KDL-55HX753, KDL-55HX800, KDL-55HX850, KDL-55HX853, KDL-55HX855, KDL-60EX700, KDL-60LX900, KDL-60NX800, KLV-32BX300, KLV-32EX300, KLV-32EX400, KLV-32EX500, KLV-32EX600, KLV-32NX500, KLV-32V550A, KLV-32W550A, KLV-40BX400, KLV-40EX400, KLV-40EX500, KLV-40EX600, KLV-40NX500, KLV-40V550A, KLV-40W550A, KLV-40WE5, KLV-46EX400, KLV-46EX500, KLV-46V550A, KLV-46WE5, KLV-46Z550A, KLV-52V550A, KLV-52Z550A, KLV-55EX500

Please select a chart below:

BRAVIA USB Compatibility Chart For 2014 Models
Applicable BRAVIA Series:

BRAVIA USB Compatibility Chart For 2013 Models
Applicable BRAVIA Series:

BRAVIA USB Compatibility Chart For 2012 Models
Applicable BRAVIA Series
: KDL-HX850/HX853/HX855/HX750/HX753/HX75A/EX650/EX550

BRAVIA USB Compatibility Chart For 2011 Models
Applicable BRAVIA Series: KDL-CX520/CX523/EX420/EX423/EX520/EX523/EX720/EX723/NX720/NX723/

BRAVIA USB Compatibility Chart For 2010 Models
Applicable BRAVIA Series
: KDL-EX400/EX500/HX700/LX900/NX700/NX800

BRAVIA USB Compatibility Chart For 2009 Models
Applicable BRAVIA Series
: KDL-V5500/W5500/Z5500/S5500/S5700/WE5, KLV-V550A/W550A/Z550A/WE5A

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