FAQs for My Sony Rewards

Changes to our Terms and Conditions

1.            Our Terms & Conditions have been updated in connection with our new My Sony Loyalty Rewards Programme. The new Terms and Conditions update introduces terms covering how members may accumulate points and how points may be used to redeem rewards.

2.           Your continued use of your My Sony Rewards account will be considered acceptance to the updated Terms & Conditions. If you object to the updated Terms and Conditions, please stop usage of your My Sony Rewards account and contact our customer service at this link if you wish to terminate your My Sony Rewards account.

About My Sony Rewards

3.           What is My Sony Rewards?
My Sony Rewards is a loyalty program that awards our members Sony points ("Points”) for registering eligible Sony products and by participating in other aspects of the program. You can use these Points to redeem for e-vouchers for your favorite lifestyle brands. When you register your product through My Sony Rewards account, you may also be eligible for an extended warranty*.

We will also send you Sony news and exclusive offers if you sign up for our emails.

*Extended warranty varies for each product.

4.          What are other benefits and privileges do I enjoy as a member?
In addition to earning Points that can be redeemed for lifestyle rewards. My Sony Rewards Members who sign up for our marketing communications will receive first-hand information on pre-sale invitations, member-only events, and personalized promotions.

Learn more about your benefits!

My Sony Rewards Member Account

5.           How do I apply to be a My Sony Rewards Member?
To join, just head on over to https://mysony.sony-asia.com/ph/home/mysonyrewards and sign-up as a My Sony Rewards Member. As soon as you verify your email address, your My Sony Rewards account will be activated, and you can begin earning Points. The best part is that there is no cost to join!

Existing My Sony member accounts will be automatically upgraded into My Sony Rewards member accounts.

6.        Does My Sony Rewards membership have an expiration date?
Membership in My Sony Rewards has no expiration date.

7.        Can I transfer my membership and/or Points to someone else?
No. Your My Sony Rewards account and the Points in it are strictly non-transferable.

8.        How do I update any changes to my personal information and contact preferences?
To update your information, log in to your account using your email address and password at the member's portal webpage (accessible via https://mysony.sony-asia.com/ph/home/mysonyrewards). To edit your profile and preferences, navigate to "My Profile" and click the hyperlink for account settings.

Please note, however, that the email address used to create your My Sony Rewards account serves as your login ID and cannot be changed.

9.        How can I terminate My Sony Rewards account?
To terminate your My Sony Rewards account, go to account settings in your member portal and click the account termination link. Kindly note that terminating your My Sony Rewards account will also cancel your access to various Sony services. You will no longer be able to use your Points, recover any unused vouchers, or access the program's benefits.

You may also contact our customer service agents to assist you with terminating your account by clicking at this

10.     How do I unsubscribe from My Sony Rewards e-Newsletter?

You can enable or disable your e-Newsletter subscription through your account setting page. Untick the checkbox labelled “Yes, I would like to receive birthday specials, member exclusive offers, and the latest marketing and promotional offers from My Sony Rewards.”. By disabling your e-Newsletter subscription, you will no longer receive updated promotions, product news, and personalized rewards.


Alternatively, you can contact us using the contact form here.

11.      How do I check the balance and expiration date of my Points?
After logging in, your Points balance will appear on the first landing page. Click "Points earned" to see each point's expiration.

Points Earning

12.      How do I earn Points?
There are many ways you can earn Points. Points can be earned by registering your eligible Sony products, participating in surveys, and attending Sony selected workshops.

Points you earn for each product registered:

Television: 30,000 points

Camera & Lens: 30,000 points

Audio products: 20,000 points


You will also receive a one-time bonus point when you complete your My Sony Rewards profile.

13.      How are Points earned by registering products?
Only products with serial numbers (except PlayStation® products) purchased from Sony authorized stores & dealers in the Philippines are eligible for Point accumulation when registered on My Sony Rewards.

No Points will be awarded for registration of products purchased outside of the Philippines.

14.     When do I get Points after registering a product?
You will receive Points immediately after successfully registering a product with a serial number.

15.      Do I earn Points for making purchases from Sony authorized stores & dealers?
No Points are awarded for making purchases from Sony authorized stores & dealers.

Sony Points Redemption

16.     How do I use Points?
You can use Points to redeem e-vouchers for your favorite lifestyle brands. Log in to My Sony Rewards member portal to view the list of rewards on offer.

17.      When will my Points expire?
All Points earned have a 24-month expiry period and cannot be extended. The expiry date is displayed on your Points earning history page. We encourage you to redeem your Points before they expire in order to maximize the program's value.


Membership Tier

18.     How many membership tiers are there?
My Sony Rewards has three membership tiers: Club, Elite, and Platinum. The more Points you earn, the higher you move up the membership tier to unlock more perks. Click here for more information on how to qualify for each tier and its associated benefits.

19.     How do I progress to the next membership tier?
You can move up to the next tier by accumulating the minimum required number of Points required for the tier upgrade. To keep your current tier status, you must also meet the minimum Points earned to renew within 24 months from the start date of your existing tier. The qualifying and renewal Points earn requirements can be found here.

20.     What happens if I don't meet the minimum Points required to keep my tier?
If you do not meet the minimum Points requirements for renewal, you will be relegated to the tier corresponding to the Points earned over a 24-month period

21.      When will my new membership tier become effective?
You new membership tier will take effect immediately after the transaction where you earn enough Points.

For example, as an Elite member you need additional 20,000 Points to move from Elite to Platinum. After registering a product and earn the additional 20,000 Points, you will be promoted to Platinum Tier.

Product Warranty

22.     Can I register my warranty by post?
Sony only recognizes products* that are registered online through e-Warranty to be valid. Customers are not able to register warranty by post. We recommend all customers to register your newly bought products* with us here.


*Only for Sony products purchased from Sony authorized stores & dealers in the Philippines.

23.     Can I register for Warranty without signing up with My Sony Rewards?
No. To register your product for an extended warranty, you will need to become a My Sony Rewards Member.

24.     Can I register more than one product?

Yes. We allow the registration of all Sony products*. This is also recommended for warranty coverage purposes. Existing My Sony Rewards Members can login here and click My Products > Register Product.


*Only for Sony products purchased from Sony Authorized stores & dealers in the Philippines.

25.     When must my product be registered in order to receive an extended warranty?
To receive extended warranty, register your product with My Sony Rewards within 14 days from the purchase date. Please take note that not all products are eligible for extended warranty. To view a list of all products with extended warranties, click here.