Media Receiver with BLUETOOTH® Wireless Technology

Picture of Media Receiver with BLUETOOTH® Wireless Technology
Images of Media Receiver with BLUETOOTH® Wireless Technology
Images of Media Receiver with BLUETOOTH® Wireless Technology
Images of Media Receiver with BLUETOOTH® Wireless Technology
Images of Media Receiver with BLUETOOTH® Wireless Technology
Total in-car command

You call the shots with the MEX-N5150BT CD receiver. Thanks to an extensive range of new voice control functions you can stay focused and in control from behind the wheel. Stream your music from selected smartphones with NFC and Bluetooth® and watch the lights on the dashboard as they sync to the beat of the music.

Media Object

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4 x 55W Dynamic Reality Amp 2
Dynamic Reality Amp

The 4 x 55W Dynamic Reality Amp 2 takes audio further – giving every track an added punch.

Get connected

Make a quick, One-touch connection via NFC to start streaming music instantly from selected smartphones, through your receiver.

Control everything with your voice

From composing text messages or browsing your music library, to launching Satellite Navigation – you can do it all safely, thanks to the MEX-N5150BT’s host of voice control technologies.

Supplied external microphone
Crystal clear calls

Talk more clearly with the high-quality external microphone. Clip it to your dash and enhance the sound quality of your voice. Conversations will be clearer, even in noisy traffic.

Siri Eyes-Free
Your in-car assistant

iPhone users can manage everything from calls, texts and music to social media with Siri Eyes Free.

Unite your music

Take control of your entire music library. With SongPal you can find the right track and explore apps, all using your voice.

Stay in touch

Let the MEX-N5150BT read your emails aloud to you – then compose your reply vocally, so you can keep up to date with what’s going on without being distracted from the road.

Message read out
GPS voice control
Tell it where to go

Let your Satellie Navigation know who’s boss. GPS voice control means you can dictate your destination, so there’s no need to pull over while you spend minutes scrolling across a keyboard.

Faster ways to connect

Bluetooth auto-pairing and One-touch listening via NFC give you more ways to make a quick connection to your receiver.

NFC One-touch

Connect selected NFC-enabled devices to the receiver with a single touch, thanks to built-in NFC technology.

Bluetooth auto-pairing
Bluetooth auto-pairing

Pair your iPod or iPhone automatically with Bluetooth. Just connect your device to the USB terminal, turn on Bluetooth and you’re ready to go.

Sounds like nothing else

Three-dimensional car-filling audio

Whatever you’re listening to, Advanced Sound Engine provides clear, powerful acoustics so you hear everything as it was meant to sound. And with Digital Sound Enhancement Engine, you can personalise your sound and create the perfect in-car audio experience from all your music sources.

Feel thumping beats

Activate Mega Bass with one-click direct operation

Activate Mega Bass at the touch of a button for an instant, low-end boost and illuminations that pulse in time with the beat. Unlike conventional bass boosters, Mega Bass minimises distortion and keeps bass balanced at all volume levels, by automatically adjusting frequency and gain to their optimal positions.

Mega Bass
Car-filling audio every time

Scroll through the images on the left to see how Listening Position automatically adjusts audio signal throughout the car, for an optimal sound experience wherever you and your passengers are sitting.

Audio, refined

Give your favourite songs the Sony treatment, with our range of technologies designed to get the best out of every track.

Dynamic Reality Amp 2
Dynamic Reality Amp 2

Delivers 4 x 55W power for loud and natural sound with less distortion.

Digital equaliser
10-band digital equaliser

Create the perfect audio output for a range of music styles with ten dedicated presets. You can even control presets straight from your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.

Low pass and high pass filters
Low pass and high pass filters

By separating the audio range, these filters ensure powerful bass, clear mids, and pristine highs for an accurate sound stage.

Drive up the bass

The Sony FB series of full-range speakers are the perfect companions for our MEX receiver. Designed with Mega Bass circuitry, the speakers deliver warm, precise bass through a Mica Reinforced Cellular woofer that remains distortion-free at any volume, thanks to High Power Handling.

Best-match bass speakers


Take to the road with your favourite tracks with the MEX-N5150BT in-car media receiver. With 2-zone Dynamic Colour Illuminator, you can choose from 35,000 colour variations for your receiver’s illuminations. These sync to the beat of your music – which you can stream wirelessly via Bluetooth® using a quick NFC One-touch connection.
  • Stream music from selected smartphone with NFC and Bluetooth

  • Enjoy safe voice control with Siri Eyes Free on your iPhone

  • DSEE restores quality to compressed files

  • Set in-dash illuminations with 2-zone Dynamic Colour Illuminator

  • Stream and control right from your smartphone with SongPal

Output Power
Pre Out
x 3
Sub Out
Yes (Front)
Yes (Front)

What's in the Box

Ant connector (JASO), Trim Ring (Black), Panel Case

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