Memory Card

How to Use x-Pict Story for Memory Card

Import photos...

Choose BGM...

Voila It’s so easy.

How to install the downloaded file

Double click [xPSMC_setup.exe]
Click [Next].
In the process, a message will appear urging you to update DirectX. Click [Yes], and it will be automatically updated. DirectX is a technology provided by Microsoft. For more detail, go to Microsoft website.
Click [Install]
Click [OK].
The software is installed.

Create a preview version

Import photos
Drag & drop your favorite photos (or a folder of photos) into x-Pict Story™, via main window or import window.
Select BGM
Choose from x-Pict Story™ original BGM, or drag & drop your favorite music (MP3) from PC.
Select effect theme
If you use your own music, select an effect theme and video length.
Preview the video
Click [View] and check the video.

Save the video

Select image size
[HD quality] will allow a clear display on a large-size screen.
Save the video
Click [Save], and wait for a while.
Video is processed.
Check the file location
Click [See Location], and the file location will be displayed.

x-Pict Story will be more useful when used with PMB (Picture Motion Browser) .

PMB is image file management software that comes with Handycam®, Cyber-shot™, α digital SLR cameras, or Picture Station. Use PMB with x-Pict Story™ to organize photos and videos. Then uploading files to online blogs or video-sharing sites will be quick and easy.
* It may be prohibited to upload content onto the internet and/or other network services without the copyright holder's permission under applicable copyright law.

x-Pict Story™ and PMB (Ver.5.0 or later) make things so easy!
   -Just a click on PMB screen to start up x-Pict Story™
   -Select photos on PMB, and drag & drop into x-Pict Story™.
   -PMB will manage the videos you created on x-Pict Story™, together with photos.
   -YouTube™ uploading is easy. YouTube™ ID will be stored in PMB, so it will be even easier next time!

Upload to YouTube

Start PMB.
Select x-Pict Story™ from [Open with Program].
Select photos in the main screen and drag & drop them into x-Pict Story™.
Create a video clip on x-Pict Story™.

Get a YouTube™ account. If you already have your account, go Step 6.
In the main screen, select a video clip you created on x-Pict Story™.
Click [Media Services] and select [YouTube™].
In the upload screen, login to YouTube™ by entering your username and password.

Double click on the image list, and enter a title and description.
Click [Upload].
It's done.
You can check the uploaded video by clicking a link.