Counterfeit Memory Stick FAQ

These are the frequently asked questions regarding Counterfeit Memory Stick. Please click on the icon_arrow_down sign to expand the relevant section.

Q1. Why are the features of the counterfeit Memory Stick products not announced in the public?
Q2. Where are the places for me to purchase the genuine Memory Stick?
Q3. Do you think that the Memory Stick I purchased is genuine?  
Q4. Is the extra Memory Stick which I purchased a counterfeit?
Q5. What should I do in the case that the Memory Stick I purchased is counterfeit?
Q6. What is the difference between genuine Memory Stick and the counterfeit? 
Q7. How do the consumers know if the Memory Stick is genuine or counterfeit at the shop front? If it's difficult for the consumers to know genuine or counterfeit, is there any other way for them to know it?
Q8. Please let me know the symptoms encountered when using counterfeit Memory Stick. 

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Last Updated 4th Apri 2008