SonicStage Quick-Start Guide


SonicStage is an integrated software that allows you to import music from a variety of sources such as audio CDs and your computer's hard disk. Your music files are registered as tracks in My Library, the SonicStage music database.

Tracks within My Library can be managed in various ways. For example, you can create custom compilations, search by artist name or genre, rearrange the order of tracks, and more.

Tracks can be transferred from My Library to a portable device/media, or written to a CD/CD-RW disc so you can enjoy music while away from computer.

The process for loading tracks to your computer and your WALKMAN is described in three steps:
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Step 1: Select a music source (audio CD, music from the Internet, music stored on your computer).
Step 2: Import the tracks into the SonicStage library (My Library). Now you can already enjoy your music from your computer.
Step 3: Transfer your music files to your WALKMAN or to a CD-R/CD-RW.

To transfer music to your WALKMAN you always have to follow the above mentioned steps. You cannot transfer music from a CD to your WALKMAN directly. You cannot transfer your music to your WALKMAN with Windows Explorer. You always have to use SonicStage.

Notes on Using SonicStage
SonicStage related functions and issues

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Last Updated 4th September 2008