How to save the downloaded file to the Desktop

The computer screen images used in this instruction are from Windows XP.
Display and operation may be different depending on your OS

* In the following steps, the Firmware Update Tool for HDR-UX1 is used as an example.
1 Click the Download button.
2 When the File Download window appears, click Save .
When the [File Download] window appears, click [Save] .
3 Confirm Save in (destination) is set to Desktop, and click Save.
Confirm [Save in] (destination) is set to [Desktop], and click [Save].
* If Save in is not set to Desktop, click Desktop on the left-hand side.

If [Save in] is not set to [Desktop], click [Desktop] on the left-hand side.
4 Confirm the downloaded ux1fu (or ux1fu.exe) file is saved on the Desktop.
Confirm the downloaded [ ux1fu] (or [ ux1fu.exe]) file is saved on the Desktop.