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#SingWithXperia @sonyxperia on TikTok

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Share your performance
with #SingWithXperia

Record your performance with Music Pro installed on your Xperia 1 V, 1 IV or 5 IV then post it on TikTok with the hashtag #SingWithXperia. Our official Sony Xperia TikTok @sonyxperia will then select the best performances to share with our entire feed.


If you want @sonyxperia to share your video, follow @sonyxperia and post using the hashtag #SingWithXperia.

If we want to feature your videos, we’ll contact you first via TikTok Direct Message. You must read and accept the terms and conditions before entering this campaign. 

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The next generation of talent

Check out some exciting new artists, all of whom are recording music and videos with the help of Xperia Music Pro.

Music Pro

Music Pro lets you use your Xperia to record your own music and vocals without any external equipment. It sounds like they were recorded in a studio using a condenser microphone, with noise reduced and reverberation removed.

How to use Music Pro