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Redscope's Pro Tips

Production Studio
Pursuing a career in film with Redscope Films
Founded in 2014, Redscope Films is a boutique production studio based in Sydney. In this video, they share their deep-rooted passion for film and how it has led to an incredibly rewarding career path.

Get to know more about each team member, their favourite gear, tips and techniques. Leave with fresh inspiration to pursue your own filmmaking path!
From a two-person partnership, to a team of nine. Discover how a shared desire to capture beautiful moments on film led to the formation of Redscope Films.
The Dreamers: A film concept made for dreamers, by dreamers. The Redscope Films team takes us through the filming process for “The Dreamers”, done exclusively on the Sony FX6 Cinema Line camera.
It’s all about the tools of the trade. The team shares each of their favourite Sony gear, explaining why they prefer certain lenses and cameras to shoot with.
If you really love it, you’ll find ways to make it happen. The Redscope Films team shares some words of inspiration, so that you too can pursue your own filmmaking dreams.