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Ray Kay's Pro Tips

Film Director
Bring stories to life with Ray Kay
Ray Kay is a South Korean filmmaker known for his soul-stirring stories that combine stunning cinematography with emotional storytelling.

In this video, Ray Kay explains how his preferred Sony equipment helps him to capture compelling shots for his personal short film titled Timeslip. He also shares how different lenses, cameras and techniques can add visual layers to your films.

Topics he’ll cover include selecting the right gear for specific purposes, as well as how to really convey the emotion of a story through film.
Get a personal introduction to Ray Kay as he shares his background in film. You’ll also get a glimpse of his previous work, including both commercial and personal films.
Teamwork is the heart of every Ray Kay film. Learn how much he values chemistry and a shared passion with his film crew.
Get behind the scenes of Timeslip, shot in just 5 hours and 55 minutes using the Sony FX3 Full-frame Cinema line camera. Ray Kay shares valuable tips on how you can use lighting and composition to achieve a beautiful setting that you can maximise during a film shoot.
It’s in your gear. Get insights on Ray Kay’s preferred Sony camera and lenses, including his preferred camera settings and filming techniques.
Get inspired on your own filmmaking journey! Follow Ray Kay on a personal throwback as he revisits his first personal film called “Love Youth”, shot in Iceland. Experience how sincerity and passion can truly propel a filmmaking career!