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Jacques Crafford's Pro Tips

Film Director
Cinematography Tips from Film Director Jacques Crafford
Jacques is a freelance filmmaker based in sunny South Africa. At first, it was wedding videos but after a few travel projects he lost his heart to nature and the great outdoors. Today, he specialises in tourism, travel and adventure films. Jacques is also an educator and has hosted a variety of workshops, both locally and abroad.

Get his tips, techniques and secrets to capturing truly cinematic, impactful films with beautiful narratives and impactful scenes. He’ll go into detail on the various key aspects of cinematography, such as lighting, sound effects, grading and balance.
What makes a film cinematic? Jacques Crafford shares the key variables to focus on, such as having a strong narrative, effective casting, picking the right music, good sound design and visual framing, and last but not least, a good eye for balance when editing.
Learn all about lighting with Jacques Crafford. He shares tips on using soft light to create beautiful shadows, using light motivation to create realistic scenes, and backlighting to add interesting depth for a more cinematic effect.
Sound design is an art in itself! Jacques Crafford shares his tips for DIY sound effects that you can explore without breaking the bank. Learn how to layer and mix different sound effects with visual techniques like colour grading, timelapse and more to achieve distinctive moods in every scene. He also shares his go-to sound library where you can find unique, specific sounds for your films.
Grading adds visual depth, contrast and vibrancy. In this video, Jacques Crafford brings you through some technical examples of how he uses masking, tracking and HSL (Hue, Saturation, Luminosity) tools during the grading process.
What is Balance? Jacques Crafford explains it as having good consistency and flow. Polished films should have a good balance, which comes from using your filming and editing tools in cohesive unison. From choosing your frame rates, to grading and colour matching, learn how you can achieve beautiful balance in your final product.