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Den Lennie's Pro Tips

Film Director
Discover the wonderful world of filmmaking with Den Lennie
Den has been working in film and TV for almost 3 decades. In this video series, Den talks about a filmmaking journey that has taken him to over 60 countries, working with world-renowned celebrities and personalities, and how he is helping other filmmakers turn their passion for filmmaking into a fulfilling and rewarding career.
‘My Filmmaking Journey’ introduces us to ‘the man, the myth, the legend’ who is Den Lennie - a real-world video expert with a celebrity seal of approval.
Den Lennie takes us behind the scenes of ‘Les Bohemes’ and shares with us invaluable lessons on how to film a low-budget drama.
In this video, Den talks about the importance of planning and pre-visualisation in the filmmaking process.
The power of collaboration is key in making a great film. Den shares with us some insights and tips on how to make partnerships work really well.
Den shares his experience about working with celebrities, and the realities that come with filming large productions.