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Brandon Li's Pro Tips

Film Director
Explore your filmmaking style with Brandon Li
American filmmaker Brandon Li is known for his unique camera work and direction. He has made a name for himself with his travel films, spanning over 40 countries including Mongolia, Greece, Dubai, Australia and more.

He shares insights on his filming approach and offers useful, practical tips on how you, too, can hone your own standout style and develop a name for yourself in the filmmaking world.
Get to know the man behind the lens. Brandon shares how he got started in film, where he studied, and his career journey that took him around the world. Learn how his experiences shaped his filming style and preferences, and get tips to define your own filming approach.
Brandon takes us behind the scenes of his short film “Crossroads”, a demo to show off the features of the Sony Alpha 7S III – particularly its autofocus, colour science, low light performance, and ability to mount easily on a gimbal. He shares how he showcased his own style throughout the filming process, from the planning stage to the execution of different visual effects during the actual filming.
Continuing on Episode 2, Brandon goes deeper into how he used the Sony Alpha 7S III to achieve interesting effects. In particular, he explains how he chose specific lenses and camera functionalities to maximise the visual impact and style of shooting on a gimbal, which has become one of his “signature” shooting styles.
In this video, Brandon goes in-depth into how you can stand out in the world of filmmaking. From studying current trends to exploring different sound design, cinematography and filming styles, he shares advice based on his own personal experience and journey in filmmaking.