Look your best with your furry friend in stunning photos and videos.
Pawgraphy by Sony

Make every pet moment captivating

Image quality your pet deserves

Unlike smartphones, cameras empower you with bigger sensors that create beautiful background blur around your pet and maintain stunning image quality even in dark environments.

Capture authentic expressions

From slobbery kisses to puppy eyes, put the focus on your pets' unique personalities with the Alpha 7C and ZV-1's AI-powered functions such as lightning-fast autofocus, reliable stabilisation and animal Eye‑AF.

Social media sharing made easy

The camera features Vertical Video Shooting that records to social-friendly formats in camera. And with Wi-Fi transfer capability, sharing proud moments of your furry kids has never been quicker or easier.

Pick your pawgraphy pursuit


Alpha 7C

Score that pawfect shot.

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Digital Camera ZV-1

Turn beloved pet moments into awesome clips.

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Capture your best friend's best side

Your pet is its own unique individual so highlighting these personality traits truly makes for the pawfect photo. Let the Alpha 7C help you nail the shot easily with professional standard features in a portable body.

Ever-ready for any outing

Being the world's most compact and lightweight full-frame camera, the Alpha 7C is truly small, handy and hassle-free. It's easy to take this everywhere with you for spontaneous pet shoots without adding more to your bag.

No emotion too small

Our pets communicate with us through their eyes and actions. Capture their genuine emotions with Real-time Eye Autofocus for animals which intelligently track the eyes to ensure sharp focus every time.

Learn about Animal Eye AF

See your pet like never before

With the camera's large sensor and fast shutter speed, it's easy to capture your pet's true nature. Freeze all their different expressions and poses that might happen within just a few seconds by shooting at 10 frames per second.

As energetic as your pet

Take more than 200 pictures just by holding down the shutter button. The camera's industry leading battery life will keep you well prepared through the day so you don't miss any moment.

Professional-looking photos for proud pet parents

With a large camera sensor that is more than 30 times the sensor size of an average smartphone, professional looking images of your pet with beautiful background blur can be captured by everyone anytime, anywhere.

The night is still young

A camera with a large sensor helps capture high quality pet shots even when it gets dark. Create different looks in low light environments that add vibrant colors and artistic background blur to your pet photos.

Your pet deserves more love!

Turn your pet into an internet star. Transfer photos wirelessly to your phone after, or even while you're shooting, with just a tap on the camera. Sharing instantly with friends or to social media is as effortless as using your phone.

Maximum creative freedom with your furkids

Different adventures provide many opportunities to show your pets in different ways. Switch up your shooting style by changing the lens on the Alpha 7C to match the occasion and showcase your creativity.

Lenses used on this website:
FE 28-60mm F4-5.6 (SEL2860) kit lens for versatile zoom from wide angle to close ups. FE 50mm F2.5 G (SEL50F25G) and FE 85mm F1.8 (SEL85F18) lenses for beautiful image quality and background blur.

Pawgraphy tips and tricks

In this series of 3 tutorials, pet owner and pet photographer Ainsley shares her secrets to capturing stunning photos easily.

Learn how to take action shots at beach or park, and capture interesting expressions and poses with absolute clarity and sharpness.

Learn how to engage your pets, achieve nice composition and take action shots in your home. Plus, how to transfer your photos from camera to phone.

Learn how to take interesting pictures using existing lights in cafes, adjust camera settings to shoot in the dark, take pictures of multiple pets, and instantly transfer photos from camera to phone while shooting.

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Digital Camera ZV-1

Record your pet pal in action

Showcase your pet's spirit more accurately in videos. Paired with the VCT-SGR1 shooting grip, the Digital Camera ZV-1 makes high-quality video recording so easy.

Never miss a pawfect moment

Real-time Tracking locks on your pets in action so that fleeting moments are never missed.

Watch your pets in slow motion

Want to add more dynamics in pet videos? Use the Super Slow Motion feature to dramatise action‑packed moments!

Play around with the background focus

With One-push Bokeh Switch, you can shift between clear and blurred backgrounds to add some dynamic depth to your videos with the click of a button!

Capture sounds clearly

Sounds can enrich a memory. The built-in microphone offers clear audio recording so that you can rewatch these treasured moments and share them to the world!

Create unique shots from different perspectives

From a selfie to low-angle shooting from your pets' eye level, recording from a variety of angles is easy with the Vari‑angle LCD Screen. Pair with the VCT‑SGR1 shooting grip for truly effortless shooting!

Share your proud moments online

Show off your pet online! Vertical Video Shooting allows recording in social media‑friendly formats. Transfering to your phone and sharing online is a breeze, thanks to the camera's built‑in Wi‑Fi.

Pawgraphy tips and tricks

More furtastic moments

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Plug and live-stream effortlessly
with the ZV-1!

Showcase your love between your pet and you in real time.

With live-streaming, you can truly display the authentic love between you and your pet anytime, and interact with paw parent friends simultaneously! The ZV-1 makes the live-streaming experience effortless with USB Video Class (UVC) and USB Audio Class (UAC) support. Just by plugging the camera into a computer via the supplied USB cable, you can stream high quality sound and video captured through the ZV-1.

3 steps to live-stream your pet and you


Download the latest firmware


Connect the camera with the supplied USB Cable


Start streaming!

Shoot your pets into awesome clips

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