Creating AVCHD discs

An AVCHD disc with HD picture quality can be created from AVCHD movies imported to a PC using supplied “PMB” software.
  1. Turn on the power of the PC and insert an unused disc in the DVD drive.

  1. Start “PMB”.

  1. Select the AVCHD movie to be written to the disc.

  1. Click (Create Discs), then select [Create AVCHD Format Discs (HD)].

  1. Create the disc by following the on-screen instructions.

Playing an AVCHD disc on a PC
AVCHD discs can be played on a PC using “Player for AVCHD” installed along with “PMB”. To start the software, click on [Start] [All Programs] [PMB] [PMB Launcher] [View] [Player for AVCHD].
For detailed operations, see the Help for “Player for AVCHD”.
  • Images may not play back smoothly depending on the PC environment.

  • Be sure that “PMB” has already been installed. [Details]

  • You cannot record the following images on an AVCHD disc:

  • Still images

  • MP4 movies

  • Movies recorded in [AVC HD 24M (FX)] quality

  • Disc creation may take time.