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Personal Computer - DLNA

Before Connecting

Not all Sony TVs are supplied with DLNA® capability. To see if your TV supports the DLNA feature, check the specifications, which are available through the Instructions Manual.

This solution provides a step-by-step guide to use Windows Media® Player as a DLNA server with the TV. YouTube® videos are also provided to guide you through some of the steps in this solution. Please click on the appropriate video link below. 

Step by step guide

  1. Make sure that a Network Setup has been set up properly.
  2. Make sure that Media Sharing has been enabled on the computer.
  3. Turn on the TV.
  4. Press the HOME button.
  5. Use the left arrow or right arrow to select SettingsNetworkHome Network Setup.
  6. Select Remote Device / RendererRemote Device List.
  7. If the device that you are looking for does not appear, please follow the additional steps:
    • Press the Options button on the remote.
    • Select Update List.
      If this does not work, select Media Server Troubleshooting.
  8. Once the desired DLNA device is selected, please select the DLNA Servers.
  9. Press the HOME button on your remote.
  10. Use the left arrow or right arrow to select Photo, Video, or Music.
  11. Use the up arrow or down arrow to select the Windows Media Player icon.
  12. Select the desired media folder to view files.
  13. Press the media file you want to playback.
    Please check the supported format for DLNA.

Video: DLNA Setup and Help Clips


From 2013 TV models onwards, the supported file format for playback via USB/DLNA/Wi-Fi Direct is availavle on i-Manual.