“BIONZ” Imaging Processor
Sony boosts your photographic potential with “BIONZ”

The cutting-edge “BIONZ” Imaging Processor, first introduced on the Sony α (alpha) D-SLR, is used in Cyber-shot cameras. “BIONZ” takes advantage of Sony’s accumulated imaging technology to digitally process the high-resolution image data from the CCD sensor* at high speeds and deliver dynamically clear, high-resolution images with natural colour reproduction and minimal noise. Advanced capabilities of “BIONZ” allow it to support unique technology such as Face Detection and DRO (Dynamic Range Optimiser).

Moreover, “BIONZ” is now even more advanced through continuous evolution in higher image quality and processing speed. It further improves the speed and precision of various performance-enhancing camera features including noise reduction during high-sensitivity shooting, AF/AE/AWB (the 3As), dynamic range expansion in backlit conditions, and faithful colour reproduction. The result is an unprecedented level of precision and innovation in compact digital cameras.

* Number of megapixels varies depending on model.
High Sensitivity
Achieve natural results in dim lighting without a flash

You can shoot at twilight without a flash and achieve natural results simply by using the new low noise, high ISO setting made possible by Sony’s cutting-edge “BIONZ” technology. Or shoot indoors at EV 0 and be sure that the entire high-resolution* image has minimal blur in the subject and background.

* Resolution varies depending on model.
Under ISO 3200
ISO 3200
Clear RAW NR
Produce high-quality images with minimal noise

Sony’s original Clear RAW NR noise reduction algorithm suppresses colour noise and luminance noise in the RAW file to enable clear natural images with minimal distortion — even when shooting indoors or outdoors at twilight with high sensitivity.

Original Image   Clear RAW NR     Recorded Image  
Produce beautiful portraits every time
Whenever you shoot portraits of family members and friends, you can count on excellent results. “BIONZ” ensures speedy high-precision auto focus, auto exposure and auto white balance, while Sony’s advanced Face Detection technology contributes to clear reproduction of your subject’s features, whether your subject is standing still or on the move. Together, these advances enable instant analysis of image data to provide optimal exposure and tone according to the scene. It’s the sure way to give precious memories the clarity they deserve.
Auto Focus Auto Exposure
Without With Without With
Auto White Balance
Without With
Colour Reproduction
Realise superb colour reproduction with “BIONZ”

“BIONZ” ensures true-to-life colour with minimal noise. Anytime you shoot, wherever you are, it brings your scenes to life with exceptional realism. Make your images more memorable with “BIONZ”!