1.0 Type Exmor CMOS Sensor
Enormous 1.0 type Exmor™ CMOS image sensor

The huge dimensions of this specially developed Exmor CMOS sensor capture more light from your scene and reproduce every stunning detail with greater fidelity. Original dual noise reduction and column A/D conversion also decrease noise to ensure smooth, clear reproduction even in low-light conditions at approx. 20.2-megapixel effective resolution.

The large dimensions of the 1.0 type Exmorâ„¢ CMOS image sensor, combined with the bright lens, enable clear focusing of the subject with dramatic background defocusing for more appealing images.

The 20.2-megapixel (approx) 1.0 type Exmor™ CMOS image sensor ensures faithful reproduction of the finest details and subtlest textures.