F1.8 Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T*
High-performance 1.8 Carl Zeiss® Vario-Sonnar T* lens

This extraordinary lens is the crystallisation of Sony's leading-edge optical technology. While extremely compact, it offers supremely accurate performance, powerful 3.6x optical zoom capabilites and an enormous F1.8 apeture for gorgeous background defocusing.

MTF curve and lens structure
Advanced optical design

The new optical system is optimally configured with four aspherical lens elements, including a thin AA (Advanced Aspherical) element that contributes to overall compactness. Despite compact dimensions, the lens delivers exceptional imaging performance approaching that of interchangeable lenses, with excellent contrast and high resolution from the centre to the edges of the image. Sony's sophisticated manufacturing process ensures the imaging elements are aligned on the optical axis with utmost precision, and a Carl Zeiss T* Coating minimises flare and ghost to assure supremely clear imaging performance

Defocus effect control

By featuring an iris diaphragm in addition to a large sensor, the camera is capable of expressing photos with beautiful bokeh that is difficult to express with conventional compact digital still cameras. Because the aperture is almost perfectly round from wide open to two stops down, images can be expressed with gorgeous bokeh that brings out the subject when taking macro and portrait shots.

Circular aperture
Beautiful macro shooting
Macro shooting up to 5 cm away from the subject

The maximum wide-angle position allows you to capture extreme close-ups by bringing the lens up to 5 cm away from the subject. This capability opens up a whole new world of macro expression. When shooting at the maximum telephoto setting, the lens can be brought up to 55 cm away from the subject.