FE 135mm F1.8 GM


Sony FE 135mm F1.8 GM lens is a very high class telephoto prime lens, featuring a bright aperture of F1.8 and excellent image quality. This lens is very powerful for portrait shooting. Close-up shooting is also very good for still-life shooting such as flowers and objects Also the latest XD linear motor is installed to show fast focusing speed. it has advantage of long time shooting because of low battery consumption.


Mount Sony E-mount (FE : 35mm full-frame camera)
Focal Length 135mm (used on APS-C cameras : 202.5mm)
Angle of View 18° (used on APS-C cameras : 12°)
Optics 13 elements in 10 groups (One Extreme Aspherical (XA), One Super ED and One ED elements)
Maximum aperture F1.8
Minimum aperture F22
Minimum Focus Distance 2.3 ft (0.7 m)
Maximum Magnfication Ratio 0.25
Filter Diameter 82mm
Aperture Blades 11 (rounded blades)
Correspond format 35mm full frame, APS-C
Autofocus XD Linear Motor
Dimensions (Diameter X Length) 3-5/8 x 5" (89.5 x 127 mm)
Weight 33.6 oz (950 g)
In The Box Lens, Hood, Lens front cap, Lens rear cap, Case

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Design & Feature


Sony FE 135mm F1.8 GM lens is a very high class telephoto prime lens, featuring a bright aperture of F1.8 and excellent image quality. This lens is very powerful for portrait shooting. Close-up shooting is also very good for still-life shooting such as flowers and objects Also the latest XD linear motor is installed to show fast focusing speed. it has advantage of long time shooting because of low battery consumption.

Sony FE 135mm F1.8 GM lens is a very high class E mount telephoto prime lens for responds to Full-frame.

This lens supports an angle of view of 18 ° on a full-frame camera, making it ideal for portraits, stills, and snapshots.

Lens composition is 13 element 10 group and it includes 1 set of XA lens, 1 of ED lens and 1 of Super ED lens and is able to suppress the light reflection using Nano AR coating.

Aperture Blade adopts circular aperture of 11 sets to show excellent bokeh, it shows the best level of beautiful yet clear bokeh expression by applying XA lens

Full aperture value is bright (fast) at F1.8, so the bokeh is excellent, with a bright aperture, which advantageous to secure the shutter speed in low intensity of illumination such as indoors and at night.

AF motor is dual XD linear motor of floating structure that is quiet, fast, stable, and low battery consumption.The shortest object distance is about 70cm, maximum magnification is about 0.25times, which shows excellent close-up shooting

A lens has AF/MF converting switch on its side so the user can quickly change that state of focus mode. It also has a adjustable lever for the shortest object distance because of its excellent close-up shooting

A focus fixing button is placed on the top and side of the lens so it enables the user to choose a function to use in the user custom setting menu of camera.

Because it is a very high class telephoto prime lens that provides excellent definition while having a bright aperture of F1.8 at a focal distance of 135mm, it is quite attractive as a portrait lens.



The length of lens is 127mm and the maximum diameter is 89.5mm. which is slightly longer than FE 85mm F1.4 lens, it has a good weight balance and is stable when shooting.


Only the lens itself weighs about 950g and the total weight of the lens including the front cap, back cap, and the lens hood is 1,060g.


The filter size is 82mm large caliber. There is no change in length depending on shooting distance with lens that supports inner focus.


The mount used metalic material, rubber seal is also applied to prevent impurities from attaching the camera.


The front focus ring is finished with rubber material for a good grip during operation and The rear is equipped with an aperture ring. On the side of the lens, there is an AF/MF converting switch, a lever for adjusting the shortest shooting distance, and a focus fixing button.


A mechanical type of aperture ring is supported to adjust the aperture value intuitively.


The focus fixing button on the side of the lens can be used by assigning the function user want in the camera's custom key setting menu. There are two buttons on the top and side, considering the horizontal and vertical shooting, but they operate with the same function. A AF/MF converting switch also provided to quickly change the focus mode from lens, the shortest object distance can be selected from Full, 0.7 ~ 2m, 1.5 ~ infinity.

In addition, chief note is that it applies aperture ring in the lens's main tube and it employs CLICK function so you can adjust aperture as non-click. This function is practical while shooting films when you have to change the aperture value and this fact shows that designed in consideration of being used for shooting films. If you turn OFF the CLICK, you can change aperture without bothering.


FE 135mm F1.8 GM lens is fluorine coating on the front objective lens to protect the lens from fingerprints and dirt.


FE 135mm F1.8 GM lens is sealed off the mount area the lens's main parts and using intergral barrel chassis of the magnesium alloy material provides solid and light weight.


Aperture Blade adopts circular aperture of 11 sets which is more advantageous for bokeh expression than the general 9 sets aperture


The lens name is embossed on the top, and the lens information, manufacture country, serial are printed on the bottom of the back of the lens.


The lens provides snap-on front cap and the back cap


ALC-SH156 A cylindrical hood is included as standard, the internal part of the hood is finished with velvet to minimizes diffuse reflection. There is a lock button on the side of the hood so the hood doesn't turn or disassemble while using the lens.


AF Test

The AF speed of a mirrorless camera depends largely on the performance of the motor mounted on the lens. The FE 135mm F1.8 GM lens is equipped with a new floating XD linear motor Providing quiet and fast AF focusing is the strength point of the lens. When the lens tested on Sony a9, shows very fast focus moves without wobbling, it was able to check that there was no noise at all and focus moved smoothly. This lens is very powerful for close-up shooting which makes the AF speed slower at close distance than long distance, but this is for fine focus detection and I was able to shoot without wobbling even when close-up shooting.

Floating structure Dual linear motor(XD Linear Motor)


The new floating-structure dual XD linear motor applied to Sony's FE 135mm F1.8 GM lens is a lens motor made by using four groups of XD linear motors mounted on the FE 400mm F2.8 GM lens OSS lens in two groups achieved fast AF focusing while minimizing wobbling motion. It is also a large caliber lens, but with minimal movement. And it is featured minimized battery consumption which attractive technology for mirror-less camera users who are sensitive to battery efficiency.


When shooting films through wobbling control technology shows smoother focusing, so you can shoot images reliably. In addition, there is almost no noise when moving the focusing, which is very attractive to the photographer.

Feature & General Test

Sony's new full-frame high-end telephoto lens


The SONY FE 135mm F1.8 GM lens is the 9th GM lens, with a focal distance of 135mm and a telephoto lens with a bright aperture of F1.8. In the case of Sony, the 85mm F1.4 ZA lens and the 135mm F1.8 ZA lens were very popular with DSLR lenses, so there were many users waiting for the 135mm F1.8 lens from the initial release. It finally came out with the GM lens and the latest technology of Sony.


135mm lens is a very popular lens together with a 85mm lens for a portrait lens. As a result, with the release of the FE 135mm F1.8 GM lens, Sony's portrait telephoto lenses group has become much richer, Because Sony has a unique lens called 100mm F2.8 STF GM OSS, the choice of lens is much wider for photographers who enjoy still-life shooting like flowers as well as portraits.

135mm focal distance showing telephoto angle


FE 135mm F1.8 GM lens is a telephoto prime lens with a diagonal angle of view of 18 ° from a 35mm full frame camera. It can be used for various purposes such as portrait, flower, and snap photography. As a telephoto prime lens, advantageous to express shallow depth and focused on the subject shooting.

F1.8 full aperture





This lens is a telephoto lens, but it has a full aperture of F1.8, which can be used to express shallow depth, and it is advantageous in terms of securing shutter speed when shooting indoors. It also has a circular aperture of 11 sets and a XA lens to show overall soft bokeh and background blur.

Close-up shooting ability





The shortest shooting distance is 70cm from the image sensor and the maximum shooting magnification is about 0.25 times and very good close-up ability. Because of its superb image quality and excellent detailing ability, it is a very attractive lens for photographers who want to shoot stills like flowers.

Usage in portraits shooting






This lens is a type of telephoto lens and has a bright aperture value of F1.8, so you can get a very shallow depth of field when taking a portrait shooting. In addition, the background blur is smooth and it is also excellent in expressiveness of circular bokeh, so you can take entire soft picture when taking a portrait.

Circular aperture expression

SONY_135GM_05_feature_02_14.gif SONY_135GM_05_feature_02_15.jpg

In the case of lenses equipped with a circular aperture, there are many cases where the bokeh is distorted, but The SONY FE 135mm F1.8 GM lens is a great advantage because it is a circular bokeh from F2.8 to the periphery.

General image quality evaluation

long distance image quality



The FE 135mm F1.8 GM lens is a telephoto lens with excellent image quality not only in the center but also in the periphery. It has high resolution and covers enough a7R3 of 4240 mega pixels, and Nano AR coating effectively removes reflections to create high-definition pictures. It has a good aberration restraint which large diameter semi-telephoto lens without a weak point even when taking pictures of metallic objects.

Close distance image quality



The shortest shooting distance is 70cm and It is also attractive for easy close-up photography because it maintains excellent image quality and high detail even when close distance shooting.

Nighttime shooting quality


The ability to suppress flare and ghost is good, and there is no burden when shooting at night, and the aberration restraint is also excellent.

Photographic Analysis

ISO 12233 Resolution Chart Analysis

The ISO 12233 Resolution Chart which gave the clearest result of the aperture value is analyzed from Osram DULUX L 55W/954 (5400K, 3000LM), a set composed with 8 lamps.




The direction of resolution measurement is shown. The resolution of lens uses vertical resolution as a representative since it does not have relation with the measurement direction.


This is the variable that designates the minimum value of contrast distinguishing black and white. Lower value allows detailed detection.

10% is used in this review.


The maximum amount of pixel needed to mark one distinguishable black and white line is shown.
The cycle decreases as the resolution increases.


The value of resolution marked as LW/PH is shown. It is included in 'the maximum amount of distinguishable black and white line that fully fills up the height of output' or 'the doubled value which cycle divided the height of output' and is effected by all number of camera pixel and lens resolution.

This test is value decipher according to the logic of program which may have difference with value that is decipherable visually through indicated numbers on the guideline.


The result of analyzing the change of resolution according to the change of the aperture value based on the 'vertical resolution of the lens central part.

The high resolution of the a7R3, which is about 42.4 million pixels, showed high resolution exceeding 4000 LW / PH from full aperture to f/16, and even when you observe with the naked eye, you can see very good image quality from the full aperture value at the peripheral part. At f/22, there is a degradation in image quality due to diffraction, but it is not an aperture value that can be used in actual use, so it can be said that the lens is fairly complete in terms of overall performance.

(LW/PH : Line Width per Picture Height, unit of spatial frequency)

Aperture distribution



As being the standard zoom lens that responds to 35mm Full-frame, it supports full aperture of F2.8 in every interval, and the minimum aperture is also all the same as F22. Maximum aperture refers to the maximum value of full aperture, and minimum aperture refers to the minimum amount of aperture.

Measurement of distortion factor in accordance with TV-Distortion Chart

The distortion factor is measured by shooting TV-Distortion Chart, made with the recommended standard of IGAnalyzer, the digital image analysis program



This lens shows 3.87% of barrel distortion in 24mm, and 0.73% of pincushion distortion in 70mm. There is slight distortion in 24mm and prominent in 70mm.

Alteration of starburst effect depending on aperture value



Equipped with 11 sets aperture blades, this lens has 22 light shades. At f/8 and above, the light cracks become increasingly sharp and show a fairly sharp shape at f/16. In case of f/22, it should be used considering that there is a decreasing in image quality due to diffraction.

Alteration of bokeh effect depending on aperture value



It is a lens that selected 11 sets circular aperture so its bokeh has tendency of maintaining the circular form even when the aperture whole section, With the XA lens mounted, the internal depiction of bokeh is also very clear.

Alteration of vinegtting depending on aperture value



As a telephoto prime lens that supports full frame, the peripheral light intensity degradation phenomenon is excellent only at the maximum opening. Since F2.8, the effect is greatly reduced. By using the lens correction function provided by the camera, it is possible to minimize the decrease in the light amount.

Flare test


Daytime sunlight and nighttime lighting conditions, after taking a flim with backlight, observing flare and ghost, the size of the flare is small and the effect is very small.

Sample Images







































































Sample Movies


01.JPG 01.ARW 02.JPG 02.ARW 03.JPG 03.ARW 04.JPG 04.ARW 05.JPG 05.ARW DSC00682.JPG DSC00862.JPG DSC01200.JPG DSC00721.JPG DSC00738.JPG DSC00753.JPG DSC00792.JPG DSC00800.JPG DSC00824.JPG DSC00852.JPG DSC00890.JPG DSC00901.JPG DSC00916.JPG DSC00978.JPG DSC01187.JPG DSC01190.JPG DSC06267.JPG DSC06294.JPG DSC07353.JPG DSC09693.JPG DSC00169.JPG DSC00169.ARW DSC00242.JPG DSC00242.ARW DSC00265.JPG DSC00265.ARW DSC00273.JPG DSC00273.ARW DSC00303.JPG DSC00303.ARW DSC00378.JPG DSC00378.ARW DSC00521.JPG DSC00521.ARW DSC00119.JPG DSC00119.ARW DSC00189.JPG DSC00189.ARW DSC00216.JPG DSC00216.ARW DSC00409.JPG DSC00409.ARW DSC00425.JPG DSC00425.ARW DSC00468.JPG DSC00468.ARW DSC00477.JPG DSC00477.ARW DSC00539.JPG DSC00539.ARW DSC00240.JPG DSC00240.ARW DSC00304.JPG DSC00304.ARW DSC00535.JPG DSC00535.ARW DSC01521.JPG DSC01521.ARW DSC04153.JPG DSC04153.ARW DSC06169.JPG DSC06169.ARW DSC06184.JPG DSC06184.ARW DSC06231.JPG DSC06231.ARW DSC06248.JPG DSC06248.ARW DSC07160.JPG DSC07160.ARW DSC00305.JPG DSC00537.JPG DSC01197.JPG DSC01208.JPG DSC01556.JPG DSC01637.JPG DSC04147.JPG DSC04150.JPG DSC06163.JPG DSC06198.JPG DSC06230.JPG DSC06241.JPG DSC06242.JPG DSC06263.JPG DSC06280.JPG DSC06282.JPG DSC06293.JPG DSC06297.JPG DSC06298.JPG DSC06301.JPG DSC06317.JPG DSC06319.JPG DSC06323.JPG DSC06326.JPG DSC09407.JPG DSC00540.JPG DSC00919.JPG DSC01180.JPG DSC01193.JPG DSC01567.JPG DSC01572.JPG DSC06193.JPG DSC06235.JPG DSC06270.JPG DSC06275.JPG DSC06276.JPG DSC06325 DSC06331 DSC07365 DSC09732.JPG