Alpha full-frame series

Alpha 9 II
Full-frame camera with pro capability
Alpha 7R IV
35mm Full-frame camera with 61.0MP
Alpha 7S III
35mm high sensitivity E-mount camera with full-frame sensor
Alpha 7C
35mm full-frame mirrorless interchangeable lens camera
Alpha 7 III
35mm Full-Frame Image Sensor

Set new standards in imagination, creativity and vision with Alpha

As our name suggests, Alpha has been redefining the landscape of photography for years. At Alpha, we believe that photography is an artform - and photographs are an expression of a photographer's creative vision, brought to life.

By putting the power of Alpha's innovations and technologies into photographers' hands, we empower you to fully focus on capturing the shots you envision, without worrying about the camera that's in your hands - making photography fun, effortless and driven by your passions and artistic visions.

Unleash your creativity with Sony Alpha.

Are you ready to be a trendsetter?

What sets Sony Alpha apart?
Our dedication to achieving breakthroughs.

Every Sony Alpha camera is designed with these
5 pillars of photography in mind:

"Anytime, anywhere" compactness,
meets mesmerising quality

Compact, lightweight and portability is essential to every photographer, as they give you the creative freedom to spot a great shot, then snap it immediately. This versatility is even more important when vlogging with one hand or when using with gimbal setup.

The spirit of a Pioneer.

When the Alpha 7 was introduced in 2013 - amidst a world of heavy and bulky DSLRs - it became the world's first full-frame mirrorless camera, delivering professional image quality in a compact package. Even till today, Sony Alpha has continued to lead the way, especially with Alpha 7C, which holds the title of the world's most compact and lightweight full-frame camera*.

*With an FE 28-60mm F4-5.6 lens mounted. Among full-frame interchangeable-lens digital cameras, in combination with an interchangeable zoom lens. As of September 2020 press announcement. Sony survey.

Compact size, full-frame power

Finally, a compact performer that uncompromising professionals and enthusiasts can count on. The Alpha 7C grants you access to all the features you expect from a full-frame camera - a large sensor, state-of-the-art AF, and rapid-fire continuous shooting.

Lightweight at only 509 grams
Fully articulating side slip screen
World's smallest and lightest full-frame zoom lens
High capacity Z battery, packed into a compact body

Ignite the storyteller within you

Photos have the unique ability to capture a moment in time, and to captivate audiences with this fleeting moment of beauty, splendour or emotion - empowering you to see instances that are easily missed by the naked eye.

When a camera's autofocus system is so reliable, you can focus on achieving the perfect composition, with full confidence that your camera has what it takes to capture genuine moments in a snap.

Alpha 9II
FE135mmF1.8 GM
F2.5, 1/200 sec., ISO 4000

Do you like to work smart?

When it comes to autofocus performance, Sony Alpha leads the industry.

With real time tracking, Alpha delivers the world's fastest autofocus. We also made Eye autofocus popular with the world's first full frame mirrorless to feature Eye AF technology, allowing powerful emotions to be captured in breathtaking clarity.

We didn't stop there, as we revolutionised animal photography
with Animal Eye AF technology. All these are powered by our
constantly evolving AI algorithm, which analyses an incredible
amount of data in real time to easily recognize subjects. Combined
with Sony's Advanced Bionz X image processing engine, be
empowered with a camera that's fast, accurate and brilliant.

*Based on Sony research, measured using CIPA compliant guidelines, and internal measurement method
with an E 18 135mm F3.5 5.6 OSS lens mounted, Pre AF off and viewfinder in use.

Alpha Video

What's more, Sony Alpha cameras are also the world's first and only full-frame mirrorless cameras
to feature blackout-free shooting for seamless, continuous shots.

Blackout-free shooting


The Speedmaster

Looking for a camera with the speed to capture your fastest subjects?
Sony's Alpha 9 II allows you to capture that perfect moment in time, every time.

20fps blackout free
2x UHS II high-speed SD cards
Large buffer capacity

361 JPEG, 239 compressed RAW,
131 uncompressed RAW.

693 phase detection AF points

93% area coverage.

Embrace the attitude of a perfectionist

With great resolution, comes great power - and possibilities. Whether it's capturing every vivid detail of a picturesque scene, or blowing up your subject to larger-than-life sizes, high resolutions give your photos more opportunities to impress.

Alpha 7R IV
FE600mm F4 GM OSS
F8, 1/1250 sec., ISO 800

Go Beyond What's Possible.

The Sony Alpha 7R IV has introduced photographers across the world to a new standard in photography. As the world's highest resolution full-frame camera, the Alpha 7R IV is pushing the boundaries of what's possible with a 35mm sensor - delivering resolution that exceeds full-frame standards.

Alpha cameras also provide wide dynamic range of up to
15 stops that ensures smooth, natural gradations
from landscapes to skin tones.

Alpha 7R IV
FE24mm F1.4 GM
F18, 1/160 sec., ISO 800

Resolution x Speed

For incredible resolution and clarity, the full-frame mirrorless Alpha 7R IV delivers refined subtlety and incomparable detail into every shot - without compromising on shooting speed.

2x UHS II hi-speed SD cards
26.2 MP in APS-C mode for extended reach
15 stops wide dynamic range

Do you see things differently?

See beyond what the human eye sees, and captivate audiences with gorgeous shots that highlight previously unseen details - even in incredibly dark environments.

Explore the unseen.

In this arena, Sony's sensor technology shines as the world's most selected image sensor. Our technological innovations take light sensitivity to the extreme - up to ISO 409600 - and with minimal noise. In fact, Sony image sensors are also used in advanced Hollywood production cameras.

Videographers choose Sony Alpha for its groundbreaking full-frame sensor,
which was the first full-frame camera capable of full pixel readouts in 4K video,
as well as Sony's advanced Bionz XR image processing engine
that allows you to shoot high frame rate videos
that look amazing - day or night.

Explore the Unseen Video

View high quality video here.

Supreme sensitivity x Speed

Showcase your creative vision at its very best with the Alpha 7S III - a camera that excels in every environment, even in ultra-low light, so even 4K videos in near total darkness look outstanding.

ISO 40 - 409,600
4K 120p high frame rate video
4:2:2 10 bit recording with up to 600mbps bit rate

Cameras as tough as you are

Reliability is the foundation that supports every other feature in your camera - whether it's speed, sensitivity or high-resolution shooting. To survive and excel in every environment you shoot in, your camera must be as durable as you are.

Unyielding perseverance

Sony Alpha showcases itself as a leader in reliability with cutting-edge battery technology that brings outstanding battery life to your shoots, delivering the world's longest battery life in a full-frame mirrorless camera with the Alpha 7 III. And if you need to continue shooting on an empty battery, most Sony Alpha cameras can be powered by USB.

Alpha's heat management capabilities are also constantly evolving to handle even the most rigorous shoots - keeping your image sensor and processing engine temperatures within normal operating range, enabling the 7S III to shoot continuously without overheating for more than 60 mins, even in 4k 60p. Additionally, most Alpha full-frame cameras are dust and moisture-resistant. And with two SD card slots for saving backup copies, you can be confident of always taking your precious shots home.

What's more, Sony Alpha cameras undergo stringent reliability testing - the Alpha 9 II, for example, records an outstanding 500,000 cycles. When professionals go on all-day, all-weather shoots, they're confident they can count on the reliability of their Sony Alpha.

All-round performer

When you need an all-round performer for every shoot - indoors and outside, day or night - make the Alpha 7 III your go-to camera.

2x SD card support
4K video with full pixel readout without binning
Fast hybrid AF with 10 FPS shooting

Are you ready for the future?

Discover unlimited creative possibilities with Sony lenses

With Sony's expansive collection of more than 60 native e-mount lenses, you're sure to find something that meets your needs as a photographer and creative professional - whether it's our selection of versatile zoom lenses, large aperture prime lenses, or our other specialised lenses.

The beauty of one mount concept is that it gives you the flexibility of using any of your Sony lenses with any Sony camera, be it an ASPC, full-frame camera or professional camcorder. This empowers you to always use the best lens and camera for your shoot, wherever you are and whatever you're shooting. And when you upgrade your camera, you can be assured that your lenses will work perfectly with it, too.


Alpha continues to break new boundaries, because you inspire us
to do so – when you push the limits of creativity and imagination.

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