World's smallest &
lightest full-frame camera*

Have a peek at the making of the revolutionary Alpha 7C
Check out the interview with the designer here.


* With an FE 28-60mm F4-5.6 lens mounted. Among full-frame interchangeable-lens digital cameras, in combination with an interchangeable zoom lens. As of September 2020 press announcement. Sony survey.

The full frame advantage

When it comes to photography, sensor size is king.
With a large full frame sensor like the one in the Sony's Alpha 7C, you'll be able to capture more light with every snap, giving you greater dynamic range, better low-light performance and higher quality images beyond what smaller sensors are capable of - all in a compact body that's responsive, intuitive and durable.

Small is often shrugged off as insignificant. Unimportant.

But it's the littlest moment that leaves the greatest impression.

Big may be a heavyweight, but small is nimble
and surprisingly powerful.

The smallest gestures can hold the biggest meaning.

It's time to change the way we think about small.

And see what small can do.

Beautiful Moments

The Alpha 7C focuses and responds instantly,
so you'll never miss another moment.

Unleashed creativity

With the Alpha 7C crisp, detailed and high-resolution output, there will be no limit to your creativity.

Colours that pop

Capture eye-catching and thumb-stopping shots
with creamy bokeh and vibrant colours.

Little things that count

Smart and thoughtful features that make
every shooting experience fun.