Digital Camera ZV-1

Shoot your fun into awesome clips

From spontaneous fun to
memorable moments.
Shoot awesome clips in an instant.

Autofocus that just works

The Digital Camera ZV-1’s intelligent autofocus locks on every time, so you won’t miss capturing moments when they strike.

Fast movements? No problem

Flawlessly track fast-moving subjects.

Capture your best look

Effortlessly capture your subject’s best look with optimised face colour and brightness on the Digital Camera ZV-1.

skin tones

Capture natural looking skin.

Consistently bright faces

Automatic adjustments that keep faces

Smooth skin

Select your preferred Soft Skin Effect.

Shoot on the go

Take smooth videos as you move with best-in-class stabilisation on the Digital Camera ZV-1.

Smooth, steady videos

Even when you’re just hand-holding the camera while walking.

crystal-clear audio

Capture only the sounds you want even in challenging outdoor environments with the Digital Camera ZV-1’s impressive audio recording features.

unwanted noise

Easily block out wind and background noise.

Use your
favourite mic

Just plug it into the mic jack and MI shoe.

Amazing videos made easy

The Digital Camera ZV-1’s one-button settings let you swiftly achieve stunning effects with the push of a button.

Showcase products easily

Switch between you and what you want to show with a button press. 

One-button instant bokeh

Capture dazzling bokeh with the simple press of a button to make your subject pop.


With a lightweight body, an ergonomic grip, a flexible LCD screen and simple movie editing apps, the Digital Camera ZV-1 is perfect for shooting any video clips.


Body grip

Vari-angle LCD screen

Imaging Edge™ & Movie Edit apps

The new Digital Camera ZV-1

Shoot your fun into awesome clips

Full specifications