#ShootYourFun and win a ZV-1! #ShootYourFun and win a ZV-1! #ShootYourFun and win a ZV-1!

A peek at #ShootYourFun clips taken with Digital Camera ZV-1

Shoot a short clip and show us your unique take of a fun time

Local Prizes

3 local entries will be selected to win a Digital Camera ZV-1, complete with accessories.

Learn more about ZV-1's best video features here!

Regional Prizes

All participating country's selected entries will go on to compete at the regional stage,
whereby the top 3 winners* will each get to win USD2,000.

*Regional winners will be required to shoot a video for ZV-1,
with rights allowing Sony to use it as marketing material for the Asia Pacific region.

From 5th October to 20th November 2020, simply:

Step 1

Follow your local
Sony Instagram account

Step 2

Shoot and edit
a 10-60 second video clip

Step 3

Post it on your Instagram
feed with #ShootYourFun,
local hashtag and tag
your local Sony account

Need some help? Here's a free starter kit!

Grab our optional starter kit that's filled with fun graphics and overlays
to help you create your winning entry.

Download our starter kit to use
with your favourite video editing software.

Download now

Our starter kit is also available on
Instagram Stories as stickers -
just search for ShootYourFun or ZVDO
to use them directly within Instagram.

Want to spice up your videos even further? Grab these audio tracks!

Music is optional though it will be awesome! That's why we've made these lovely songs specially for you to use.

You can now use your own music too. However, do make sure that you have the rights to do so.
We won't want your awesome clips to encounter any copyright issues.

Contest FAQ