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How to establish an HDMI connection between a TV and other device.

    Follow the steps below if the HDMI connection between your TV and other device is not working.

    1. Make sure both the TV and other device are turned on.
    2. While turned on, unplug the power cords for the TV and device from the electrical outlet.
    3. Disconnect the HDMI cables from the TV and other product.
    4. Wait 60 seconds.
    5. While the HDMI cables are disconnected, plug the power cords back into the electrical outlet.
    6. Turn on the TV.
    7. Re-connect the HDMI cables.
    8. Turn on the HDMI-connected product.

    The TV should now detect the HDMI signal from the connected device and operate normally. If there is still a problem, disconnect the HDMI cable from both products and then reconnect it in the opposite direction. In some situations this has been reported to resolve connection issues.