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How to troubleshoot TV picture and screen issues

There are lines on the screen, the screen is blurred, has double images, is too bright or dark, or has odd colors.

    Try a solution based on the issue you are experiencing:


    1. Blank screen or No display (With/Without audio)

    2. Lines on the screen (vertical/horizontal lines, bands)

    3. Blurred screen (Blurry, Hazy, Dull)

    4. Double images (Ghost image, Double image)

    5. Abnormal display

    6. Contrast issues (Too bright or dark)

    7. Grey screen

    8. Odd colours on the screen (Solarization, No color, faded, Intermixing/Spreading of color)

    9. Basic checkpoints on screen issues (Lines/Blurred/Odd colours) from the Audio/Video device

    10. Other screen issues