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Set Auto Wide mode to ON

    Set Auto Wide mode to ON

    Most televisions have settings that can automatically determine the best way to show the picture on the screen. These settings can be accessed from the menu of the television.

    NOTE: When Auto Wide is On, it automatically changes the wide mode according to the input signal from an external device. If you want to keep your preferred setting, select Off.

    Depending on your model, access the settings from the remote control as follows:

    1. Press the Home or Menu button to access the TV menu.
    2. Depending on your model, access the settings by selecting the following options
      • [Settings] > [Display] in the TV category > [Screen]
      • [Settings] > [Picture & Display] > [Screen]
      • [Picture & Display] > [Screen]
      • [Settings] > [Screen]
    3. Turn on the following settings (if available):
      • Auto Wide = ON
      • Auto Display Area = ON


    You can manually change display modes to try to correct the issue using the Wide, Zoom  button in your remote control.

    If your remote does not have one of these buttons, the settings are available in the menu of the TV. Access the Screen settings the same way you did when selecting the automatic modes, but select the Wide Mode option.

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