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The TV is not displaying any picture or a NO SIGNAL message is displayed on the screen.

    If you encouinter No Signal message on your BRAVIA TV, you can use this video tutorial to help you to identify the possible causes and how to resolve when you encounter "No Signal" message, or refer to the troubleshooting steps below.

    Tip: Learn how to turn captions on or off when watching Internet videos from YouTube

    Basic troubleshooting

    1. Make sure the TV is updated to the latest software update.
      To learn how to update the software of the TV, refer to this article, how to perform a software update.
    2. Make sure the correct input is selected on your TV.
      Learn how to check if your BRAVIA TV is a Google TV™, Android TV™, or other TV
      • On your TV remote, press the  Input button to toggle through your input connection options to ensure the correct connection is selected. You can also check the back or side of the TV to identify which port the cable from your source device is connected to your TV, and then make sure the input selection on your TV is the same.
        Example of Android / non-Android TVExample of Google / Android TV Example

        Note: These images are examples of an input button on a remote control and input names and options on a TV. This information varies by model.
    3. Make sure your connected device (cable box, digital / satellite receiver, Blu-ray Disc player, etc.) is turned on and not in standby mode.
      • Turn your connected device off and then back on.
    4. Turn your TV off and then back on.

    Note: If you're looking for information on how to initially connect a device to your TV, check your device or the BRAVIA TV Connection Guide.

    Connection via cable box, satellite receiver, and DVD or Blu-ray disc player

    Connection via direct antenna (analogue / digital / cable)

    If after trying all the steps above and the issue is still unresolved, please contact us for further support as service may be required